D20 Soon™

  • Firing Range demo map was recently completed. There’s a lot of small things in the image you can try and see if you squint, but I’m not going to speculate on them.

  • Blastlane was recently fleshed out a bit more to properly show off the game’s modding support, and should be actually playable soon™ like I was thinking would happen.

  • Control customization is gonna be real nice with some settings per-profile. :ok_hand:

  • Item improvements are nearly done, and is probably the only really major thing between left.

  • Bunch of old cards got archived (modding tools, CI, RCON, input prompts, rigging…); these were all completed a while ago.


First off, how come we cant comment on moltons post. 2nd, what is this?


it is an SCP


I’m very excited :DDD

Did a google image search, the best result is “airplane.”


I think it’s a pile of items

it kinda looks like a fat office chair but its not that probably


First guess is a shoddy model of one of those clay-plate shooter things you see in gun sports.


yeah, that sounds about right.

its a firing range after all

Oh yeah, and In-Betweenst is gone. Idk if anyone said that yet.

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Now that you said that, i can see that is exactly what it is. That’s actually really cool, as ive only seen one other game with flying things in a shooting range. (Bird hunting confirmed???)

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That will be my devlog. Thanks molt

bird hunting sounds great, more wildlife in general is also welcome


it is what it is?

Does moltens post still exist?

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Fixed. Was a categorization error. Will merge threads.

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it is stack of mags and iron sights

Hype hype hyype!!!

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