Damage and healing system overhaul

In most survival games, including Unturned 3, the healing / character condition mechanic is a very vague and unrealistic aspect of the game. Why not make it more realistic and change up the content regarding that topic.

Instead of having a damage system, why not change it up with something else? Let’s say a zombie bites or “attacks” you, instead of receiving a certain amount of damage, you can get a wound instead. If that wound does not get treated after a certain time period, certain effects such as visual distortions, reduced physical conditions, etc appear and the wound gets infected.

You could for example treat that wound with instead of a normal bandage, have a more realistic approach with perhaps: Disinfect the wound first with a bottle of alcohol or antibiotic depending on the wound, and then close the wound with a bandage treating the wound after some time leaving no effects on your character.

You could also implement that instead of those items being limited to only one use, have a bottle of alcohol/antibiotic, and a complete bandage, which have more uses than only one. Already fixing something that people would say “It’s too hard to get healing items” or “People constantly dying”.

These items would also be craftable, although maybe the alcohol nor the antibiotics shouldn’t be craftable, but for example have another item that replaces that. Perhaps a homeopathic approach? Like aloë vera which you can scavenge in the wild and use that plant to make a cream which you can apply on the bandage instead of antibiotics or alcohol.

These are some things I never saw in any game before and is not too realistic in my opinion, but adds some interesting elements to this certain aspect of the game. It takes away a certain level of “arcade” in the game and in my opinion a survival game shouldn’t be arcade, but rather realistic.

I don’t see Unturned 2 as the most realistic game, but minor elements such as these, combined with other realistic features which are already implemented such as the day and night cycle, reloading magazines with separate bullets, etc.

I hope this gives a clear view of what I mean by this game feature, as I would really like to see the thoughts of the community and developers about this feature being possibly implemented.

Kind regards