Dead Bodies

Dead bodies in Unturned have no huge use in Unturned other than finding the funny shapes they fall in or to show off how many kills you got, but what if you could do a lot more with them?


A lot more can be done with dead bodies, both for RP and for PVP. This will create a dynamic system for a largly ignored part of unturned

RP Uses

For roleplaying, inspecting a body would show cause of death, where the player was hit, and how long ago the player died judging by heat. This could be done through a UI or visual marks on the player’s body.

PVP Uses

For more PVP scenarios, if a player is killed by a zombie, they turn into a zombie but still carry all of the players loot. For a more survival like aspect for you cannibals out there, you could even get some meat from a dead body.

KoS and Advanced Systems

This can also tie into an incentive to not outright KoS another player. If you shoot or hit a piece of clothing and kill the player, when you go to loot them you will find that their clothes have far less durability then they died with.

For the most advanced of these ideas would be a hole system of body disposal. A player dies and their corpse begins to rot. As time goes on, if they are not out into a body bag or buried, then a small area around them becomes a spreading deadzone until the body eventually turns into a zombie.

With the body bag and/or burial, you could transport a players body to a different location.

Oh, and you could also loot dead bodies instead of picking up all of their items on the ground.


Eh… that doesn’t seem like something an average survivor would know. I’m all for seeing injuries on the body, though.

I believe this is confirmed/very likely

Clothing durability should obviously go down if a bullet rips through them. I don’t understand what this has to do with bodies.

Other than the body being a “spreading deadzone”, yeah sure, why not.

Already confirmed.

Note: See the SDG Wiki for confirmed or implemented features in Unturned II.


Cannibalism has been a highly controversial subject, but I’d personally be fine either way. However, if cannibalism were a thing, human meat should make you severely dehydrated in addition to potentially poisoning you, as human meat in particular has toxins in it.

This is very likely, considering it is confirmed that there will be armor plate carriers with plating that has durability. It’s very easy to carry this system to all clothing, especially giving them stat modifiers for durability upon death. That said the goal should not be to lwoer KoS, as UII being more survival-centric to boot should promote far more cooperation between players.

A deadzone would be a tad overkill, plus it would make zero sense for a player that died via gunshot wound to turn into a zombie. This seems to just be a tedious mechanic that would really have no purpose. I do however, think that corpses should attract zombies.


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Dont even mention cannibalism. Just dont even THINK about it!


Dead bodies could be used for fertilising crops if you used these “body bags” to take them to your plantation.

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