Devkit not letting me spawn almost everything

So i tried making a tunnel in with hole volume from devkit, but i realized i couldn’t spawn it in. Thats been going out for many months i was searching allmost all the time but couldn’t find anything.
I just can spawn landscape and foliage system, not even having any of them equipped. I had:
Selection tool, type browser, hierarchy, viewport. Ive also been pressing E still nothing spawned.

So i now even tried entering maps like germany but everything devkit related…despawned ._____.
what i tried was maybe copying the hole volume to my map.

Verify game files?

You shall not pass

veryfying game files and reinstalling the game didnt work too.
verified about 20 times
reinstalled about 6 times

Also sorry i accidentally pressed solution

how many hole volumes do you have? There’s a low limit on them to prevent the game from lagging out

I never spawned single one in my life.

Also they dont show up in hierarchy