Devlog #012

Now you’re talking.

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Not unless you’re driving to my house.

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If you live in oregon. Also the reason I’m back on is because my phones back on so yay xdxd

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A red cursor??? (Sorry I had to necro)

Eww red bad

A dark red looks really good on a black background. Your missing out.

Sorry, but I’m a very classic person.

Gold against a black UI looks sleek.

Unless it shines, then gold in video games looks like an ugly light brown or normal yellow for me.

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normal yellow

That’s exactly what it looks like, and it looks fine.

Normal yellow looks like barf or

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Red literally looks like blood.

You really want to get me started?

Haha, yes!!


Haha, Yes!!!

Red actually looks nice, with how I’ve set up everything anyways. And is blood really that bad?



Since you clearly can’t take obvious social cues, I’m going to just ignore you at this point.

We’re off topic.

Well august is almost here but so is september and i will have to go to school ;-;

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