Devlog #013

Oh no…he said it. Nelson said it.

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The game was supposed to be called Unturned II, but even Nelson still calls it 4.0… Jeeze, pick a name and stay with it, I’m getting seriously confused here O.O


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Oh man this game looks like it’s going to be fun to mod.


The game is called Unturned II. Nelson hasn’t called it “4.0” in a while. If you mean “4,” he’s referred to it as such in most of his posts, similar to how he’s called “Unturned 3” just “version 3.”

Looked into a bit more, here’s a t-pose of the model in Maya. Those odd “holes” between the main body and the arms make me believe that it’s probably just part of the debug model, but who knows. Definitely looks a bit off. Perhaps it’s to show the disconnection of the parts of the model, unlike the other versions where everything except the head and neck was one big model? I am not a modeller or modder or any form of game designer so I likely have no clue what I’m talking about, but oh well.

Also, as a bonus, have a dancing man


Loved the models, and everything. Improvements are noticeable, which is really awesome.

I totally loved the Denizen Rig V2, but I’d like to point out that the arms are a bit thicker than the legs, and Imo it should be the opposite or all limbs at the same thickness. Also limbs in general are a bit too long compared to the rest of the body, which is a big step from all prev models, but anyway I’d slightly shorten these.

The concept in general is pretty accurate and I’m sure we’ll have a nearly perfect final product.

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Hot. Ten characters

assuming most of the noticeable issues (like the elbows looking like they absolutely just break the arm when bent) are just a result of this being a debug model i think it’s great


Maybe add fingers? Rig looks a bit like Minimum game.

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Someone should flesh it out with the same definition/detail the final model would have. Smooth things out, have proper blending between limbs and the torso.

Then make it dance again. :]

I’d like to see a size comparison again too. Would be a shame if doorways have to be redone just for the new model to work out.

no >:C

nobody wants ye’ silly fingers


apparently so. (I)

I wonder if the clothes are going to shape different for 4. Like Baggy, skinny or regular pants.


Thats the best part though!

I mean yeah, smaller hitbox, more skill required, but i’m too used to the old bulky model and whoever disagrees with me will have his head served to me on a plate

Thank you for that blessed video

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Can you export it to an cbc or obj file

No, I think this one looks better than the previous one. And the proportions are also realistic.

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and…? i have my opinion, you have yours.