Devlog #018


well they also reload without replacing said magazines. i think you’re looking too deep into it.


Yeah, I might be


he may have not added the animation yet thought, so we will all see in time


you miscounted and I’m sad because of it


that’s the point i was trying to make. it’s obviously not even close to finished, so why start examining it now?


It’s hard to count tiny boolets on a youtube video when I’m watching it at 240p


Look at that shotgun blast, very satisfying


Will be the character model changed? The current model looks weird.


Well,seems like it was worth the wait.:grin:
Keep up the good work Nelson!


Very nice, but i think the ammo counter should be a little bit bigger.


oh boiii image


This Devlog is amazing, keep up the good work!

But i have a critic to do, the amno widgets kill the realism a lot, i think that a magazine check mechanic could be better


Iv been thinking about manual magazine checking and I would love that, the ammo widgets could be a turn on/off option on the server side, that way there could be casual servers and more “hardcore” servers depending on what the servers settings are set to


no the guns arnt frome 3x so ther not placeholders i gusse


well the modles are most likely not finished, at least the shotgun


Glad that someone share my opinion, but i don’t think that way would work
And by the way we always have UT 3 for visual amno counters :+1:




I know when I knew that the combat would be shown I imagined all the combat as much hand to hand as with pistols and rifles


Because a glock is literally a cube, any version looks the same.


When we are going to see a melee combat devblog?