Devlog #022

Great work! I believe there will be many creative scope placements out of this forum.
One thing i’d like to see is using the radial menus for more things like inspecting weapon, or taking out the magazine or managing attachments etc.
The radial menu will show up when holding the middle mouse button, and there will be a spin wheel in the middle of the screen (what are they called, ummm…) that you can move with your mouse, instead of using the cursor.


Finally, a fully auto AR that we can test!
And now that we have ammo boxes with (seemingly) no limit, that would help save a lot of space. But I also hope the mag caps exist now instead of a rifle mag that fits 500 bullets

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Magazine capacity is limited, and the crates only hold 200 rounds. There’s also boxes in the lockers that hold 20 rounds, which is pretty useless because the Eaglefire magazines are the same size and hold 30 rounds, and the range gun magazines are half the size of the boxes and hold half the number of rounds. Oh, and swapping magazines is even more hopelessly impractical than before, because I can’t remove magazines from the attachment menu, and have to do it from the inventory.

Just as long as you can still interact with nothing. In this case, that’d be the center area where the pointer is. Accidental interactions would be annoying, and the cursor prevents that by providing ample area to do nothing, it’s just not as clean of an interaction menu as it could be with “spinners”.


I made a post on this, Nelson said that the mode dial of fire has returned, and also the triggers come back, however thicker…

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To clarify, Nelson did not confirm that triggers are coming back. He said that they were removed because they felt small and flimsy in comparison to the hands.

Then, he asked for feedback regarding whether or not trigger guards should be added back (without the triggers), and/or possibly adding the actual triggers back, but with them being thicker than previous iterations.

dam that model looks so sexy bb

Its sure is wonderful

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Lucky scrubs…

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