Devlog #28

I felt the fps a little lower.
Before:35 - 40


oh a kitchen

I think that backpacks should effect whether you can fit through that 68 cm clearance. Maybe if you don’t have a backpack on you can go through 55-50cm?


That is just realism for the sake of realism, that would be nothing but an inconvenience to the player.


But, most holes which you can crawl through will be 68cm as i believe i heard in the devlog. I think it could lead to some cool secret areas or escape routes if you backpack had collision while lying down :man_shrugging:

Also, as a quality of life feature, i think if you jump, you should return to a standing position.


Honestly i’d always love an addition that makes backpacks more of an optional thing you can take or leave rather than an absolutely necessary addition to your arsenal.


Pretty much like the mechanic that arma 3 has.

I liked the option of being able to adjust how much you are going to squat, but I found the character lying down like a yellow turtle, I also felt the game a bit heavier,even though just added squat mechanics and a slight improvement in collision, plus bugs fixed but I hope to see improvements in these issues.

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