Devlog 36 bug thread

some bugs I’ve encountered:

The trees don’t make sounds when you chop them after they’ve fallen

the grass is sideways
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this is just a side note, but I think it would be cool if the player could interact with some physics objects, like if the player stands on a tree then it might tip over like a see saw. it wouldn’t mean the player has to become a physics object, it could just add gravitational force to the object from where the character is standing times the weight of the player and their inventory.


This is just being curious, can you plant a tree under the car? If so will they clip or does the car gets moved?

I think there’s a raycast or a trigger check to see if something is obstructing the tree

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I don’t know if it’s classified as a bug, but the fps on the servers is higher than in singleplayer mode, the loss in singleplayer is up to 50% of the fps! At least in my case, but on the servers the performance is great minimum of 24fps and average of 33fps sometimes reaching 40fps.

Hacker bruh

Tree’s also duplicate when chopping it down. You also cant place a tree when you have seeds in both hands.

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