Devlog # 36 feedback on performance

This game is a great example of what an optimization should look like, even though it is still in a beta version, when I am in the construction area the fps is stable between 35 and 40, on the road due to the trees it is 18 to 20 fps, but in the forest returns to 37-40, But we must consider that there is still a lot to be done about optimization, as Nelson always surprises with his work.
Laptop, Intel hd 520, 4gb Ram single channel , i3 6006u.

Game: Every option in low graphics, resolution 1366x768, resolution scale 100%, Lowering the resolution scale I can reach up to 80 FPS !, although I am planning to change the PC as soon as possible.

During this test the computer was using 100% battery power, I forgot to plug in the charger.

@SDGNelson Nelson you are a God


I think it is the same, there are a lot of trees and they don’t download fps even if I activate the grass, this is something I have been waiting for since the last update, it would literally enter the roadmap from time to time if there was any change up to date updated :smiley:

It should be noted that my PC is not that good either, so I have had very good results :smiley:


Okay, my computer has a performance similar to yours, so if the alpha phase (which is supposedly the most chaotic in relation to fps) is performing well, then I hope that in a beta version, it will be well optimized. Really, Nelson knows what he does!


I also think, sometimes it is up to 14 fps, but as you said we must consider that it is the initial phase and there are still very things to be added, in addition to very more future optimizations. @TigerSurvivor

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