Devlog programmed or devlog surprise?

Then the devlog 18 generated a great hype in which many people spent the dawn waiting and also cof … cof…posing desperate posts like DEVLOG PLEASE…cof…like me…cof cof, however the devlog # 19 simply appeared and it was really cool to see the new character shooting with a shotgun, but infim this generates a scheduled devlog discussion where the date is in the past and we can program without getting straight into the forum or blog just because of the new devlog, or the surprise where we were not desperate to see, but we ended up seeing him late and it generates a pleasant VERY pleasant surprise?

  • Devlog surprise.
  • Devlog scheduled.

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Devlog 20 hasn’t released yet because it wasn’t ready to be released at the time Nelson was hoping for. Releasing it anyways would’ve been silly.

Scheduling them doesn’t make sense when, at this time in development, things may or may not be ready by that date. A consistent Devlog schedule is not something that should take priority over anything else Nelson could be doing.


A release date creates time constraints
Time constraints causes pressure
Pressure causes stress
Stress creates a dead Canadian


Pressure causes rushing
And a rushed game is not what Nelson or we want


I’d much rather Nelson work at his own pace than a set schedule to release content teasers, as satisfaction with current game mechanics and not having bugs can change at the drop of a pin.

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The fact that 100% of 24 votes rooted for a surprise devlog really shows something about the people in our community that keep nagging for a devlog
Rushed games never turn out well

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Well to clarify the part of the scheduled devlog is like the 18 that was announced 1 day before.

For me as a content creator it would make more sense to have it scheduled to plan it easier since I like to upload the video as soon as possible and keep my viewer up to date. Thats how things work in this business. Its pretty much a 50/50 if I sleep or not once the update comes out. The problem with schedules ones is probably that if Nelson for some reasons doesnt make it in time, the community would go insane. I (as an individual not a content creator) dont like the uncertainty on weather the devlog is coming out today or in a week anyways. Confirming that it wont come out “this week” for example, would calm my hype and let me think about something else than Unturned II. I legit think about UII all day long and read through almost every post on the forum. Hell I even have nelsons activity page bookmarked to check it every now and then.

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As a fellow content creator (just uploaded an exclusive video today guys!) I agree, though I find a surprise to be much more enjoyable for me and my audience alike since it means YouTube doesn’t recognize my video and they don’t have to suffer through watching me. Don’t forget to like and sub btw

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