Diary and Map additions, longer days


So I’ve been wanting to say this for quite some time now, but I had been busy so here we go. All of these are for 4.x btw

  1. Addition of the diary.

Diary would be something we could make notes on :D, it should have a hotkey, and a few pages. This could be a feature in the game that everyone starts with(can we disabled via server settings or enabled) or it could be something we could craft. Its kinda like the book except it stays with our character and we can open it anytime by pressing a key, if its gonna be an item rather than a feature, the item ‘note’ could be used as an extra page for the diary. I couldn’t think of any good uses of this feature other than roleplay purposes but it would just be a nice lil tid bit.

2. Map sketching.

So you find a chart, you can now press m and look at the map, great! However, what would be more fun is that the chart was something we could sketch on, mark stuff,etc. Not only for us, but being able to borrow someones’ map and marking the location of something on it would be awesome!

another settlement needs your help, here, ill mark it on your map

  1. Longer days and nights.

Currently we’re at 28 mins day time and 20 mins night time… which isn’t that much, would love to see it be extended to something along the lines of say 1hr day and 50mins night? Sounds reasonable, the nights could be extended in winter themed maps and in the winter season(if that suggestion works) and for the other seasons too.


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To clarify for people:

The above would be 2 minutes an hour. Day is 581/3% of the day-night cycle, and night is 412/3% of the day-night cycle.

The above would be 4 minutes and 35 seconds an hour. Day is 546/11% of the day-night cycle, and night is 455/11% of the day-night cycle.

:slight_smile: :+1: This, ^ regardless of the rest of the suggestion.


More content never hurts a game, but I don’t think the diary really fits. I’m pretty sure that you can change the day and night times.

you can change the times however i meant it to be by default for vanilla servers and stuff

Perhaps for hard mode. But I don’t see the need to when you can already do it yourself, that’s just me though.

It’s more of “what is the best default settings?” The game’s difficulty settings shouldn’t have to be modified to achieve the best possible experience.

That, and this is for Unturned 4.x, not Unturned 3. Good time to decide on the day-night cycle length and consider whether or not the current 2 minutes per hour is satisfactory. :man_shrugging:

I’m sure Nelson will have bigger fish to fry, plus it’s not that big of an issue.

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Quality over quantity. :wink: Minor additions and improvements are just as important.

Personally though, I’m fine with the current day-night cycle.

I’m with Molton here all the way.

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