Different Armor Types Updated List 1.2 VEHICLE UPDATE

It’s Vehicle rework time! Well not rework technically a rework I don’t think, but additions. Truthfully I never thought I’d reach that subject, but an enlightening new conversation has really opened my eyes to how much cooler cars could be in Unturned. Hear me out! For new additions for my previous viewers, go down to 1.2 Additions to see what we’ve got! Keep in mind the SDG Forum ideas posted below are either directly recieved from posters or I was heavily inspired by their posts and took creative liberties.

Brief warning: this whole post is a freakin novel, and if allowed and fueled it’ll get even longer. Either way there’s a bunch of new stuff, and for those with a critical eye I’m looking for some improvement from the community! I like to think this is a group effort.

Edit: I’ve updated the formatting to be more user-friendly


guardian202 Originals:

*1. Ballistic Suit/Equipment (I don’t know the actual name)

During a CS:GO operation there was a gamemode where you could by a set of those ballistic suits. You know, full-body riot protection thing that soaked up a ton of damage on one condition: you were super slow. Like, crazy slow. You’d pull out your gun and just sit there knowing that odds are you would win since you could take a bullet to the head from an AWP (One-shot to the body sniper) and live.

This was also implemented in GTA, when I was in GTA online you could buy it from Warstock, it basically did the same thing! You got a suit that tanked crazy amounts of damage on the condition that you moved incredibly slowly and you couldn’t ride in/drive any vehicles whatsoever. It also gave you a minigun, but for the purposes of Unturned I’d say that’s a little overkill.

Having basically a set of armor (or just a suit) that made you super strong, yet super slow because of it’s weight and vulnerable with heavy restrictions could be pretty cool for fighting off zombie hordes, raiding an enemy faction’s base, and if you’re the RP type imagine all the unbelievable stuff you could do with it.

*2. Generic KEVLAR

I don’t know if this’ll be added or not since the game is in it’s early stages, but I think it could be interesting. As opposed to the modular vest where you can choose whether you have armor/pouches, a KEVLAR vest could be there just to be a lightweight alternative, or maybe a different tier. It could have less space, especially with no option for extra pouches, but it offers inherent bullet resistance from the moment you pick it up. It could be found in Police Stations or something, if my days from PEI are correct the Military Base was a hotzone, and perhaps the KEVLAR vest would allow you to stand a chance against better-armed players, or you could use it in favor of the modular vest because it’s lighter weight, more useful for a mobile operation.

1.1 Additions

SDG Forum User Concepts

*3. Azzaholic and linkfanpc: Armor Types & Mechanics

I feel like somewhere along the lines these probably came from the conversation about just attaching plates of metal to your body but we don’t talk about that.

They stated that armor should be treated as a physical object, and it should react similar to it’s counterpart. His example was that, for example, shooting through wooden armor should have the same effect as shooting through a wooden plank. Odds are there won’t be any wooden armor, but you never know, but that’s not the point. It was further elaborated upon by SDG Forum user linkfanpc, basically as where if you’re hit by a bullet, it doesn’t render the armor – and subsequently the hits – as just torso, legs, etc. That the armor should render over the character in such a way that it’ll hurt if it hits the flesh, but not the armor. Think of a shirt. Now think the shirt is made of titanium, but it has sleeves going halfway down your arm. You could hit the lower half of the arm, but not the upper. Same would go with a titanium T-shirt, but now there’s more arm to hit. I know it’s unrealistic but the visual is there.

Not only that, but that of different armor plates. Currently, there are metal plates that you can slide into your vest. We’ve covered a separate Kevlar vest, but there are other options that were also pointed out. The military uses ceramic plates, as they absorb more impact but can’t be reused, so they’d have far less durability in the game. One more thing that I thought was interesting that was pointed out, Scorpion-7. We can find experimental railguns there, and it was pointed out that a special type of armor/plate could be found there. Whether it be some carbon fiber plate or f*ckin Master Chief’s suit I’m game, or maybe even the previously mentioned Ballistic Suit?

Back to me!

*4. Riot Shield

I’d like to credit the whole “Separate Object” concept that came up by these fantastic people for bringing it up. In Unturned II, you have two hands. I’m not entirely certain if you’ll be able to dual-wield one-handed weapons or what, but it does give me an idea – the Riot Shield. It could be a two-handed shield to help cover you and your friends/melee bash your way through a horde of zombies, but I think that’s less fun than my favorite idea with it; it would be a one-handed weapon, and you can hold another one-handed thing, whether it be a melee, pistol or some other fun thing. The practical uses are endless! It would also have durability, and it wouldn’t be very effective against too many bullets, but it would be excellent against melee attacks (like zombies or a player trying to stab you). I put this under armor because it’s sole purpose is to defend it’s user as the first line of defense. Still pretty ineffective against bullets. Which leads me to my next fun idea.


This literally came to me as I was finishing my next paragraph. There are so many makeshift items in the game… and the groundwork is already laid out for this one! Riot shields aren’t good for bullets… but if you were to craft an armored riot shield by adding some of those handy armored plates, maybe a little duct tape, nails and a saw and crafting them all together, you’d have yourself the armored riot shield! Now, this would be two handed because as opposed to the lightweight regular riot shield, this bad boy has metal plates all over it, with a nice little hole cut in the visor for you to be able to see through. It would be extremely heavy, so no way for one hand. Since you can’t shoot, you just sorta slam the shield into your opponent as a melee. Kinda gives off a Mad Max vibe if you’re picking up what I’m laying down though. Would be super useful for rushing players and their bases with friends, and (I was strategic with the nails) you’d be able to mount it on the ground, just place it! You would be able to make a roadblock, set up mobile cover, and when you’re done – assuming it wasn’t destroyed – you can rip it back out of the ground.

Or you could be that guy and put a bunch of them on your car to make it a tank. After doing this I realize how unconsciously I ripped this from Black Ops Zombies. It’s the thought that counts.

*6. SWAT Gear

It could be a weight-for-armor trade with the Military set. I have zero doubts that full military outfits will exist in Unturned II, so what about the Police counterpart? Could be exceptionally difficult to find, maybe in a certain police station/HQ or just super rare. Either way, I feel like it should be comparable to the Military armor and uniforms, but maybe with a slight armor decrease and speed increase because it’s lighter? I’m no expert with regard to SWAT gear, but I do know one thing: it looks sick as hell, and I’d wear it everywhere. It could still have substantial storage but not ridiculous, definitely lower than any form of Military counterpart.


SDG Forum User Concepts
These next 3 are all from an exchange with DeusExMachina

*7. DeusExMachina: AR500 Armor Plating

It started with comments on AR500 plates and a joke about spaced armor. This is gonna be divided into multiple paragraphs, different categories for each respective idea. This was hella fun.

So first were the AR500 armor plates. Earlier on different types of armor plating have been discusses, this is a similar concept. AR500 armor would essentially be civilian grade plates, but have the versatility to be placed down on, let’s say, your vehicle. They’d have lower durability and protection levels than probably most if not all of the earlier plates, but they have that versatility. Thank you @DeusExMachina for walking me through that

*8. DeusExMachina: Spaced Armor (Vehicle)

Then the spaced armor. Spaced armor is essentially the kind of armor used for, well, heavily armored vehicles. It has an incredible amount of durability, but it’s only usable on vehicles. Now, I’m not talking old Unturned 3 plate system. If vehicles were revamped, maybe vehicle armor plating could legitimately be a thing…? This would probably only be usable on heavy grade military vehicles, like Tanks, APC’s, basically Military vehicles. Yet the conversation spirals even more into the fantastic.

*9. DeusExMachina Again: Mad Max Armor System

With this final suggestion, you’ll be the talk of the proverbial town! Imagine, rolling down Stratford’s infected streets, players staring in awe as your tiny, blue, armored Sedan rolls in. It’s a Zombie Apocalypse. You can expect that us survivors are gonna go all-out with our survival, including our small, pathetic little Sedans. Well guess what… Mad Max-style cage armor. I’m talking metal pipe and bar cage, and maybe with a little help of those AR500 plates you can have your windows covered and slits in them to see through, the whole shabang!

Now how would this work on a Civillian Vehicle? After thinking about it, the car could have zones for the armor! Like each side might have one or two, the grill, the hood, windshield etc. For each one you can put an armor plate in that spot and it’ll assign itself to that vehicle spot. Don’t think like Unturned 3 how you placed the plate on the vehicle and it sat as you willed it to rotate… think of it as the moment you place it in that spot designated by the game, it’ll take a predetermined form based on where. For example, if you put it on an entire side, it would form-fit to the car, doors, windows and such. Now, this would only be possible if you had the pipeframe, if you will. The basis of civilian car modification for the sole purpose of looking cool. If you want an example this is the Weaponized Tampa from GTA V Online. See how the armor is? Something sorta like that. If you want to read even further into the apocalypse vibe, you could attach a chainsaw to the front/sides, etc. That part’s a little unnecessary, but it would be super awesome. I’m done rambling.

Please Let me know what you think! Please, pick the ones you liked!

  • Ballistic Suit Sounds Good
  • Kevlar Would Be Nice
  • Different Armor Types/Coverage Mechanics Sound Dope
  • Riot Shield? I’m Down
  • ARMORED Riot Shield? Yes Please
  • SWAT Gear is Cool
  • AR500 Plating? Yes
  • Vehicle Spaced Armor!? Mhm
  • Mad Max Style Cars/Armor System? Lit

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I’ll continue updating this as time goes on, so any suggestions that you make would be great! I only came up with these things because of the countless useful (and relatively useless even) comments made below the previous iteration. Thanks again everyone!


why not edit the original post or add a comment

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That, is an excellent question friend. My answer - I’m incredibly shortsighted and will be doing that from now on.


Just made it more user-friendly. Have at it fellas

Ceramic plates?
Makeshift AR500 plates?
Spaced armor (100% viable as personal protection trust me guys)

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Isn’t spaced armor the type of thing that’s normally put on Tanks? I looked into the AR500 plates, what would be the difference between those and the generic vest plates, i.e. the metal ones in the game and the previously mentioned ceramic ones?

I’m asking because I’m genuinely intrigued and would love to know more about them!

Yep, it makes very little sense on a person, hence my humorous reamark.

AR500 is basically the generic armor steel, it’s cheap and not actually all that good as armor (since it is made to be abrasion resistant, that’s what the AR stands for). I’d say it would be used in jerryrigged or home-made armour more than anything else. Would be especially viable for vehicles.

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This is actually great, I 100% think that’s a perfect idea, especially since I’m on board with the different armor tiers concept.

You’re also a literal genius. You were talking about putting the AR500 armor on vehicles, but maybe for some military-grade vehicles you can find spaced armor somewhere and put it on… making it more resilient? Protecting certain spots or just increasing it’s armor value

No military would issue AR500 add-on armor packages. I can see civilians using it to beef up their SUVs or whatever tho. But yeah, vehicles like tanks and APCs/IFVs already make use of spaced armour out of the box. I guess you could call cage-stlye armour add-ons spaced armour.
If we are talking vehicles you’d want to consider applique, cage, homogeneous/composite, ERA and active protection systems (both hard and soft kill).

Oh yeah, I didn’t mean that Military would be using the AR500, it’s just the concept you mentioned about the vehicles and the spaced armor. When I was thinking about add-ons I was thinking a lot about the PL-01 tank, in which it has additional armored panels for extra protection.

Now that we’re talking vehicle armoring I’m straight up thinking Mad Max now, not sure if that’s a good thing but damn would it give Unturned that extra Zombie Survival aesthetic. As you said about cage-style armour if I have a similar concept in my mind as the one you presented it, that would be really interesting. Imagine caging up your little sedan and rolling it down the road.

Yeah, that is the appliqué armour I was referring to as applique (since I was too lazy to look up the exact spelling).

Oh yes



Updated with your ideas :+1:


Hmm… I believe you may be interested in the Quadguard system. Intended for Humvee gunners due to exposure, but tough as nails and decently quicc. Also on the list is the Voin-1 armour, rated against x54mmR LPS all around iirc, but VERY heavy, hot, and would restrict vision to small piece of ballistic glass which when shot would spiderweb and obscure vision.

Imma stop ya there, I have the perfect option.
Kevlar Vests would be a lowtier almost encumberment free device able to be worn under a shirt. It would provide entry level resistance against pistols, shotguns, but would be vulnerable to cutting, stabbing, and velocity.
It’d be fairly resistant to Hardness and Impact, pretty durable, but would have a low Velocity and Sharpness threshold.

Only technically. Here’s where it gets fun. Pulling armour off of a military zed, you can find armor plates randomly abstracted of durability remaining. At full health, I’d expect them to absorb around eight hits of 5.56, and be able to stop most standard marksman rifle ammunition. However… Degration is a major issue. After perhaps one fight the plate will be ruined. But… Then there’s LIBA. LIBA uses lots of ceramic pellets and comes in a 15x16 cut, covering whole torso, but is heavier, and while protective up to 7.62NATO Armor Piercing Tungsten, will fold against things stronger than that much easier.

Sounds good. Perhaps a collidable object with a wall thickness, thus making it exceedingly hard to penetrate with knives, bats, etc, but easily cut by even a crossbow.

Armored shield may come ins everal qualities. Scrap, Welded, Improvised. Scrap is metal found you riveted together and hope it stops bullet. Will stop 9mm, .45, but .357 and .44 continue right through.
Welded is better quality. You worked on it pretty hard and it stops all handguns, and even some slow ammo like 7.62AK MSC. Anything better though… Also has an unarmored viewport.
Improvised is taping several armor plates onto shield. Armor plates eventually break, but will stop whatever the plate is rated for and then some.
Obviously, purpose made Ballistic Shield will do better.

Armor of SWAT… Well, SWAT armor has poor camo, but great resistance against pistol. In situation of SWAT, is a fight lasting maybe 5min and needing absolute performance. Coverage is higher, but protection at highest is lower. Against SMG and pistol and shotgun, you enjoy juggernaut status. Cart out serious sniper bullet or AP rifle and suddenly you get filled with hole.
In military, is walk 1km, shoot two men, walk another 2km, get into fight with enemy, then walk another 1km, get ambushed, then walk another 1km back home. Stamina needed.

AR500 is poor armor. Let’s set the stage:
Upon impact, this happens:

  • Bullet explodes into fragments as hitting incredibly hard six milimeter armor plate.
  • Arms and legs and head receive some fragment damage because bullet has not disappeared.
  • Chunk of coating breaks off. Coating abstracted into percent effectiveness, randomly generated. Can be repaired and upgraded.
    Any steel armor has high hardness resist, impact disperse, and stab resist, but fails against speed very easily. Also has superb durability.

Technically no. You could use spaced laminate armor on any vehicle. Just need to fix every so oten, and also armor vehicle underneath because SA doesn’t usually stop bullet above light rifle FMJ.

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You have quite the knowledge on all this! I’m almost frightened as to how, but I’m actually super grateful you mentioned this! I’m no expert, so I appreciate any and every bit of input, and this detail-by-detail analysis is exactly like something I’d been hoping for! I was making rough estimates as to shortcomings and such (I’m sure you could tell) for some of these, and I seriously appreciate it! Thank you for this!

Just gonna leave this folder full of plates here…
Don’t worry, you won’t get noknocked by glowies and alphabet bois. Probably.

Don’t a lot of steel armor plates come with a rubber coating stuff that catches shrapnel? Unsure of the real effectiveness of it, but either way a mechanic of having a very tough and extremely durable armor plate that can cause minor-medium cuts and lacerations to you sounds interesting.

It’s effectiveness is questionable at best. And it does nothing for deflected bullets. Moreover, the closer to the edge the less there is to stop with. This also means that ironically it will have the same problem of ceramics.
Also, it’s not just minor. It could very well sever major arteries and veins.

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