Different languages ​​in the game

Although the main menus are in some languages ​​I would like the interface to be in other languages ​​as well. For example Spanish because there are many people from Latin America who play unturned. While it will do an egg pain to do it but if they do it would be great. Also I know that there are different people / groups that translate the game but it would be better to do it in mibopinion

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Hey amigo, es una buena sugerencia, pero mejor cámbiale “egg” para “nuts”, así le captan mejor xD


Vos decis??
Por que?

Sé de lo que hablo :b más bien me asombra que no haya venido algún otro a resaltarlo.

Sviđa mi se ideja :smile:

Cyka Blyat.

Eu gosto dessa ideia =)

True, translation must really be a thing.
That’s not a reason to make this thread as multilingual as european tourism centres though

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Мне тоже

Is that MultiNational post?

Rest in peace europe

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Sizothola lokho, amabye.

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