Different maps, different themes

I know 4.X is supposed to be a more survival focused game than 3.X. A lot of people would like to see features that are not necessarily survival oriented, maybe some of these features could still be added, after the survival elements are complete. I’m thinking that Nelson should get all the core survival gameplay elements, and a survival focused map complete before PVP elements, and maps get introduced. (I feel that 3.X rushed into PVP elements too quickly, and the small size of the devtest maps was conducive to PVP from the start.) Once all the core survival elements are implemented, I see no problem with Nelson creating, or curating maps, items, and features that are not as necessarily survival oriented, as long as they are restricted to certain maps. I wouldn’t mind an official map having jets, guided missles, flamethrowers, and miniguns, or freeroaming NPCs, as long as strictly survival maps are kept pure and updated, and the other maps are still playable as survival maps.

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Check the github before making suggestions

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I meant this as a way of telling people just because an idea doesn’t further the survival theme, doesn’t mean it will never have a place in 4.X, and that other directions can still be discussed, (because the functionality might need to be built into the game earlier than implemented.) I also wanted to point out why I thought 3.X went down the path it did (devtest maps facilitating PVP, Washington being added, before all the survival elements were implemented, PEI not getting substantially updated, after Washington’s release…)


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