Dig the soil


Using shovels or bulldozers to open squares and rectangles on the ground to build underground bases would be helpful as the holes are square everything gets easier and not too heavy.


welcata minceraft


But anyway it is very useful.


Would require editable terrain and could most likely be abused.


Although there will be that one guy who decides to dig out the entire map; I don’t see any way this post extrapolates on a way you could prevent this.


Limited terrain in which underground structures can be built.


in what way other than bases


So… how would you refill the hole you’ve dug?


Hide items, put traps.


The taken earth could form a lot of earth that could be taken to another place or be put back in the very useful hole to hide items.


I was thinking that it would only be possible on flat land and not near cities.


Put traps for who? The chances of somebody walking along and stepping on a trap while you’re both still on that server or in the area are astronomical. Wouldn’t it be easier to just hide items in a crate underwater or something, as well?


Unless you start practically and mechanically explaining out your suggestions as to how they will actually work ingame, I can guarantee you most of these ideas seem questionable at best and outlandish/low effort at worst.

I’d personally be okay with limited terrain manipulation such as digging trenches, but you’ve been very unclear. I definitely would not want to turn this into Minecraft-level terraforming.


I thought of a limit of the height of a wall, so small bases or only an underground shelter could be built, could not be dug near cities or roads only in flat terrain but in points of vegetation a small hole can be dug deep enough to hold a very shallow chest to build anything.


I like to think of items and suggestions, things that would add mechanics I put the “raw file” and how people ask questions and suggestions and modifications I can modify so that more people like it I think it’s important for things like that since it’s not just an item is a mechanic that can modify some things.


This could be abused to hell, except if extremely rigorous limitations were put in place. I think that we shouldn’t be able to manipulate terrain.


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