Disadvantages When Piloting

What happens when you driver pilot a car at 120Km per hour in a dirt track when you dont have the correct wheels? fast response you probabily DIE!

Because this i go supose many opnions about how drive go work. (dont just to pilot obvious)

Wheel in your Floor
  • The wrong wheel to a place go cause problems to you for example a normal wheel in a camp of dirt go decrease your speed.
  • Friction - Wheel wrong… well you understand.

-This go increase the number of players using roads.
-This go decrease surprise atacks on wrong places.

Now other asking what the third rule of fisic laws?
All Action have a Reaction equal and in opost directions.

Damage Equal to Damage
  • My idea is; When you collide in anything you receive a certain damage
    –Not nessessarily you go receive equal damage, but not nessarialy you go calculate the mass of vehicle and mass of object the speed aplied the damage… you understand.
    –Is best you dont run over other peoples because you go receive damage
    –Place a good pilot in your group or your go die!!!

My idea is place cars in correct places (roads) simple to me this go increase pvp to big groups (fase final on game when you have weapons vehicles and other things)


No, I barely understand any of it.


So do I… Wha the hell??

what is the part of your “barely understand”?
(please dont troll)

Okay, so what he means is if you don’t have the correct tires for certain vehicles, you could lose control at high speeds. He also wants you to take more damage from wrecking into stuff at higher speeds.


view dont is so hard understand my english =D tnks @Aj_Gaming

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That actually makes more sense. Thanks for the second translation lol.

Np xd :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

vehicles are being overhauled anyways and most of what you said is thought about by nelson

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