Disconnect with Items

A problem than i see in 3.0, had an incentive to make “the legendary Online Raid” but the same incentive its a problem, and that problem its recognized like (Disconnect with your best items because off raids) And another thing than that is the problem when online when you see then go lose your items you pick the bests and disconnect!!

I never use this tip but when i play and solve raid another group in most cases or the enemy group when see than go lose start drop items on the floor or/and disconnect with the best items to don’t lose the same from the enemy.

I dont want see this on 4.0
And i really rate It!

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What? the grammar, spelling sentence structure is so bad I can’t understand what you want.
Also people should be free to dc with there best stuff if they wish so raiders cannot get it. If there was some way to destroy items, I would destroy everything so the raiders wouldn’t get anything.
But I’m just salty and like seeing people waste there raid gear.

If words were pasta then this would be a word spaghetti.

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I think what he’s telling us is that people are exploiting the multiple character option that is available with the gold DLC, by using them as unraidable storage.

This is a long-time issue and heavily debated, though nothing was done.

You should be glad that no such thing is confirmed in the new game (Especially with no DLC other than paid server pass which only grants official server access).

However, it if was considered, I suggest that all characters share the same inventory ONLY in multiplayer. After all, I don’t think there was any use to them other than different cosmetic loadouts. If loadouts was the sole purpose, then there is no reason for it to not share the same inventory. This idea would’ve made switchable cosmetic loadouts a possibility in 3.0.

I still think rusts sleeping body system would fix this issue

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THAT just makes the game a full time job that you have to check in on every 20 minutes or you lose everything.


Does it really though? though i guess it wouldent allow for nomadic play styles

dude, you literally could lose everything because you have to sleep in rl.

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