Discord ad appeal

I got banned because some of my friends posted more ads than were allowed. It was my fault too, but I didn’t see the rules because I checked pinned messages, not the discord desc. And why did you ad ban all 3 of us when it was only a virus who knew because me and nutz (not active) were banned because I didn’t see you ping me since I was busy working on my server. So please give me another chance or and at please pin the rules to pinned messages.

Considering it was explicitly written in the channel’s description that the same ad can only be sent every 23 hours regardless of who says it, I doubt you would have read pinned messages either.
It’s on you (or whoever is the owner of KBA) to make sure this does not happen, and when it does happen everybody will suffer the consequences. That’s why all three of you got bans. Don’t blame me for ‘not pinning the rules’ when it’s you who didn’t bother checking.