Discord Ban Appeal

So ye I Got Banned For Insulting and Being very idiotic and aggressive in discord so apologies for those who have been involved in discord i know i wont be unbanned for that. My Discord ID Is: 793578424333631500

bruh then why appeal

These discord ban appeals are getting ridicilous lmao


You also have three temp bans(issued by different mods no less)bans, an alt that got nuked and like 4 mutes.

So whats with the title?
You have every right to try and appeal, but I couldn’t think of a solid reason for why you did what you did. Unless you are both actually appealing and able to provide a reason as to why you’d be unbanned I don’t see why this needs posting.

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maybe i was trying to get back on unturned server without talking so yeah like why i should be perma banned after that

most likely if i behave ill try my best

yes i overreacted so much since i hated unturned server that is why

You say it as if it was a one time thing. Even if we ignore the previous temp bans, you still have like 2 warns and 2 mutes.

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Maybe doing that is ban evasion and doesn’t really help your case…?

Not gonna lie, in your case a “most likely” doesn’t work for me.

So why come back if you hate it there?


That’s the thing that i also wanted to ask :thinking:

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people hate anime thats why i overreacted

dude how can i be unbanned when i did ruined my own behaviour i dont even get it i didnt even know how to appeal in forums i didnt know that

What? That’s really a reason, like… bruh everyone has their own opinion. If they are offensive just ignore.

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i could but i didnt cus i was having no choice

When you come up with a good explanation as to why you did what you did


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yes, exactly

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