Discord ban appeal

Heya! I got banned for disrespecting other people in Unturned Official. Although I don’t agree with that!

First I want to say that I did not offend anyone, I expressed my opinion related to the latest events related to LGBT. I agree, maybe I went too far, but I still did not offend anyone and did not try. First of all, some of admin/moderator gave me a mute for an hour. And I realized that all the same, it’s better not to argue anymore and close this discussion, which I did! But in the end, after 5 minutes, I get a ban for 21 days. At the same time, after the mute, I wrote only once in modding channel, and that was related to modding only.

Your timeout was changed to a tempban after your recent messages had been reviewed. You performed similar behavior of derailing threads the day before as well.

Rejecting this tempban appeal at this time.

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Appeal rejected at this time. Ban is currently set to expire 3 weeks after the tempban waa given.