Discord Ban


I got banned from the official discord 1 week ago. As Ive understood the ban is permanent. I am not asking for unbanning me, but I am asking for reducing my ban length. I just feel thats not really fair, cause I havent offended anybody, I didnt scam anyone or something like that. But I still get perm banned.

My Discord Tag: bubi#2563
My Discord ID: 317280642981298178

Anyway thank you for reading this,
Take care!

You mind explaining why you thought blasting the USSR anthem the moment you joined the vc was a good idea?

xD, I thought that would be funny. A lot of people enter the discord channel at the same time, something like a “suprise effect”.Turned it on for 3 seconds. Basically just a joke, not more than that.

Ok well unfortunately your joke was taken more as a troll attempt than a joke
I suppose you can be unbanned this time, but please don’t do that again.

Thank you!

Appeal was accepted. User was unbanned.