Discourse is not Always Showing Replies

Self-explanatory. Person clicks reply button. When editing/writing the comment it says at the header area that it is a reply to the person. When posted, half the time it seems to not actually function like a reply. It won’t show at the top of the post it is a reply, and it won’t create reply drop-downs.


I’ve noticed that too. Very odd. For me it seems to happen when I click ‘Reply’ and notice that the user I’m replying to isn’t there in the top left corner of the header, I can click ‘Reply’ again and the user will be there but immediately after posting, it disappears. :thinking:

Edit: Like just now.


I’m curious if it has to do with the overall post hierarchy, or some sort of special algorithm. (In reply to the Reaver man.)


Hopefully this gets fixed very soon, because all I see is confusion with more users joining daily.

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I’m replying to @MoltonMontro right now xD

nvm that did work

fail xDDD…

I definitely thinking this may just be a weird hierarchical thing. No reply tag shown if replying to the OP or the post directly above, maybe?

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no seems to work directly above…

never mind it doesn’t work directly above xD

first one i posted replying to @MoltonMontro and this one is replying to myself