Discussion of communication and communication

Hey. I’m from Russia. I would like to see in the new version the normal mechanics of radio communication. I have several suggestions.

  1. The walkie-talkie has a communication distance.
  2. Several types of radium
  3. it would not be necessary to take a walkie-talkie in your hand.
  4. interference to the walkie-talkie depending on the terrain and device interference
  5. the ability to install radio towers to improve communication
    7.evices for interception of radio messages
    I am bad in English.
    so I translate to google translator.

There are secret things called discord and team speak

Now everybody uses different communicator in the background, so adding this would be useless. Only way it could be usefull is to be able to talk through walkie-talkie with other strangers from the server who have walkie-talkie or radio, so you can for example ask them to trade


it would be nice to see in the game a well-designed radio communication, it will be very useful for RP servers.

I honestly think walkie talkies, at least in 3.0 are kind of useless, as Pr0trik said, there are things like Discord, which are more convenient than pulling out a radio and having to get everyone to tune to the same frequency. Not even RP servers use them that much. So I think unless they’re revamped, they should be kept out of 4.0 or added a later stage. Though, I think mobile phones could suit the role of walkie talkies a bit better, with them being more common (everyone has one), and that they actually use radio towers, unlike the common walkie talkie.


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