*distant shotgun blasts*


strong text


But it isnt a shotgun!

what’s with the zombie colors, it hurts me


Hold up just got to load my clip into the shotgun

You forgot the running guy in the background.

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Did you use some external program or something for this? Why are the zombies that colour?

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I swear there is a programme for posing. I don’t think it’s Unity. Idk. @Pork link plz

I did use an external program called Unturned Wallpaper, sadly the website with which it was hosted got taken down so you can no longer get it, sorry :cry:.

Also the zombies are that color because the program uses decimals instead of whole numbers for it’s RGB values, which made it difficult to find a color which looked like the zombies.

If it got taken down AND it’s (presubambly) using Unturned’s assets, then there’s no licence therefore it’s free to distribute in my eyes. Do you have a download link? I’ll probably have to use an emulator but I don’t really care.

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