Do you know me?

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe
  • I don’t know

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I just want to know if I’m active on this forum c:


Captain Kickass is the best superhero

  • Som’ bitch yes
  • hell naw buddy

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fuckin communists
captain kickass is the best hero


i’m very disappointed in you spebby ;c


i know you do you know me?


yes sir i do


for real homie
im talking serious shit


I know your name: zed c:


you know my real name?
i bet you dont




SHIT, uh, uh
i meant my full name lol


ahmed ahmed lol


false haha
it hiour ahmed tedjedine
dont worry not personal information


if I search your name I get this lol


its in arabic that explains it
my name is a whole different meaning in other languages


I do not know you because I only meet people through a complex process of eating a flodo-burrito with them.


lets make a better poll

do you know me?

  • YES
  • NO
  • i am subscribed to ghost valley on the steam workshop

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  • :sunglasses:
  • :joy:

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pesky you made it very hard


whomst the fucketh be thoust’d’ve