Does anyone want to start a server with me? (I dunno if this is the right place)

I would like to start a RP server with someone I have a CAD and we could use it I have server owning experience the only thing I don’t have is server equipment

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You can host via server hosters like Lhyme and ABC or anything else just look it up

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I do like servers though could i join yours to see what it is if you have it?

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I wanna join your server too!

I used to have a server but it got deleted

I wanted to create one but I don’t having e a credit card sadly

ask rain if you can have a server
he sells servers right?

Server hosting isnt hard if you have a spare laptop use it to port forward, if you dont have it I suggest you to buy raspberry pi (it is cheap and it hosts your server 24 hours a day)
Nelson is probably going to use devices similar to raspberry pi to host his 4.x servers …
Or he is just going to buy them

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