Does it hurt to carry a milk bottles inside you?

I have been killing a lot of cows lately and I noticed that cows drop milk bottles, and I just wanted to ask…how painful is it to carry milk bottles inside you??


its actually reincarnation


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How’s is this so spam??

I’m so confused, can a staff member please help me out?

How was that post considered as spam?

feels like rubber

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It is spam because you have already posted this in the II catagory, and it was locked. Then you made a second one, still in the II catagory, with the same text.

Omg,thank you!!!

I’m gonna delete this and repost in memes

DONT DELETE IT. Redcomm already changed the topic


You’re not funny.

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I’m getting more confused by the second can you just delete this please and I’ll never post about this again ??

I have no idea what do you mean…I’ll just try to delete this whole thing and never speak of it again


this needs to go on

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They are inserted as a suppository by milk manufacturers, it hurts at the start but they get used to it after a while.

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Ever thought that cows may have an internal compartment made just for that?

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Joke’s on you, you can’t actually delete this yourself.

From what I know it’s actually quite comfortable.

Source: have six cans of beans and a Dragonfang inside me right now.