Does nelson is going to add a halloween update?

Last year nelson added Halloween pei and some special crates,does this year is going to do something like a special haloween map?

He is working on some halloween content. We’ll have to wait and see…

inb4 Halloween Germany

Yes he is.

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Halloween PEI was a map created for the Halloween event of 2015, last year we had the Liberator NPC’s using Halloween cosmetics for the 2016 event.

I dosent played unturned last year i belived that halloween pei was last year :slight_smile:

For Halloween content this year we’ll get

  • Liberator dress up
  • Put Halloween box in drops
  • Workshop skins and cosmetics

none of them are actually finished yet but should be by the end of this week

As long as we get TheUnion’s box i’m happy.

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Speaking of which!

If people didn’t go negatively nuts because of it being added in its entirety (or mostly the entirety of it), then there’s a huge problem in the Workshop community. Remember September 2017 Workshop Crate #4? Five of the fifteen items were by the same person, and a lot of people were quite upset about that for their own reasons.

I’d expect some of the better items from the Terrifying Mystery Box to be added alongside one of Volsuin’s sets. Adding an entire box would push some people over the edge, and if it didn’t then I have to question why 33% of a workshop crate was awful to have happened, but not a whole box (even if credit is attributed to some others for the ideas and mythical effects).

We could also see stuff made from many months ago added for this Halloween, too. :thinking:


With all due respect, i think it’s a little different.

It was called a “workshop” crate for a reason, and i recall nelson saying something along the lines of “this should let more skins get in that wouldn’t normally!”

Now, when 1/3rd of the box is made by the same person, it obviously wasn’t doing what it was supposed to. So, people (Myself included) got annoyed over that.

Where it differs from Union’s box is that while he’s the sole creator of it, it’s different from the workshop crate in the aspect of there never being a principle about letting multiple people in. Look at any copy-pasted curated skins (era, crious, red crious, etc) and you’ll see that for yourself.

Also i feel like that’s equivalent to saying that the Hawaii or Russia boxes are unfair by that same logic.

Letting an entire box get added will change the game of the workshop, and might even push people to work harder. Also, letting people add their own mythical effects (within moderation) would accomplish the same principle.

But no, obviously it wouldn’t be the only thing added, and there’d be more. You gave the example of Volsuin’s sets and older things that didn’t make the cut last year. It’s not just a one or the other thing.

Spoiler on Halloween content!

Some of the Terrifying Mystery Box’s content will be added (assuming everything goes to plan). The Scourge of the Sea will be added. The Vampire Hunter will be added (assuming everything goes to plan).