Drop Placement & Throwing + A few other ideas


Last night when I was going to bed I thought of something, and now I’m sharing it the day after. So basically, I have some ideas that i think could fit well with the way the Unturned II inventory is designed.

Select Multiple Items + Drag & Drop

Basically, the Idea is that you can select multiple items all at once to operate with. This could work for plastic water bottles being poured into a canteen. This can be done by simply holding a preferred key bind, default would be something like LeftCtrl.

Scenario 1:
The player drags and drops every single plastic bottle item icon on top of the canteen icon, and fills them all up. This creates a lot of motion and annoyance, plus it doesn’t look as polished, if you will.

Scenario 2:
The player holds ctrl and selects the three plastic bottles, then he drags them onto the canteen. The bottles each fill up the canteen with a timer (similar to rust), and they return empty to their previous spots one by one.

random idea im not too sure about, still may be useful tho
That can be expanded on if there is also a gesture based “Take All” option. For example, you loot a body and you want to take everything. In Unturned 3, you spam click all the loot until its all in your inventory, which takes time because we can all agree lag doesn’t work well with inventory systems (i mean you have to click like 5 times for something to register) so why not just use a key like shift, select everything and for example double click or drag to get everything in your inventory.

Drop placement and throwing

My second idea is having a “Put Down” option available for every item, or just a keybind when dropping something (e.g. Alt). This would allow the player to place inventory items in or on objects without the game having to manage an entire new inventory for the object. Example: Putting bateries in a radio


now with that out of the way,

Scenario 1:
The player presses the interact key on the radio, and they insert the batteries item into the provided slot, similar to Rust. This requires for the game to manage an inventory slot for that radio, instead of just a simple bit-length variable, of 1 and 0. (Batteries in, Batteries Out)

Scenario 2:
The player opens their inventory and while holding alt, they left click on the batteries, then on the radio. Simple. Easy. Good for the optimization of the game! They can also cancel the placement by simply pressing right click again. This method also works with equipped items! For example you can drop your gun on the ground by pressing alt once then left click.

This method is very good for dropping things where you want them to go, for example on a counter (orgasmic for roleplayers) as well as on tables, and specific places, enhancing the drop function overall.

The other function of this can be throwing! When the player is in item placement mode they can hold left click to “charge” the throw. This feature could be used for stuff like throwing a medkit to your teammate who is a distance away behind cover. Also, with this feature, we can have many miscellaneous activities, such as basket shooting, which works by throwing a basketball item.



Solid ideas,the second one it’s a fun and easy system to use and adds a level of realism (Storing stuff on shelves counters etc… and not have to make crates and lockers in order to store your items).
Also,I always wanted a “Select multiple items (Not necessarily of the same kind) feature” ,as it would make inventory management a lot easier and less tedious.
Lastly,the “take all” feature will be a very nice addition (You have no idea how many times I’ve been killed while looting a body just because that goddarn can of beans doesn’t want to go in my alicepack.:rage:


This all seems pretty much okay, except for this part



seriously man people are really edgy these days unless you put an

before mentioning a radio in the same topic as Unturned II


Did you yeet your phone after you typed this? Or is this an ironic yeet? (Or did you yeet the battery into the radio?)

Anyway, I like the ideas.


You are wrong in all aspects, I yeeted my monitor out of the window. Glad you like it!


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Lots of people comment without liking for some reason. When I like something its either because its a good and nothing I say could add to it or I learned something from it.