Dumb hordes

So here is my next idea, dumb massive hordes of zombies to really spice up your upturned survival experience! These zombies will travel in big hordes (minimum 20 - Max 30 - 60?) These zombies will be slower than your average zombie, and much dumber. However, they are very sensitive to noise. They will follow a loud noise even if it is a fairly far away (Ex. Police siren, gunshot, horn, etc…) and destroy most of the stuff in their path. These hordes can be directed by loud noises which makes them a deadly weapon if harnessed. Im going to be generous and say 6 - 7 of these hordes should appear on a large map, 3 - 4 on a medium and 1 - 2 on a small map.

Another thing to add on to this is maybe the ability to put them in a cage like area to be used for later? If this was added I would say this mechanic should only be added if these hordes are the exception to all the other zombies and actually stay on the same course and at the same size whenever you leave a and return to a save game.

and obviously there should be a way to disable hordes in the settings before you enter the game, and the same thing if you do not want them in your server.

Would love to hear the community’s thoughts, Cheers~

Just saying, hordes are pretty frequently suggested. I do like the suggestion though, but it doesn’t feel like it brings anything new to the idea.

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