Dynamic Map generation in Unturned II

I can sadly not back this suggestion up with images, so you will have to use your imagination a bit :slight_smile:.
When I am thinking of Unturned 3, I remember a lot of camping on certain spots. As soon as Maps were out for a few days, Players would simply all go to the mil base, and then it would turn into a pvp clusterfuck. The Squad with the base above milbase was King.

Now if you look at it, generated Maps would partly solve this Problem. You would not know the map in and out, because it could look differenty on any Server. Also Survival could be brought to the focus again instead of full pvp, because you adventure and explore. If you maybe combine this with lesser resets, like one every week or so, People would be forced to explore more. Maps could be a fixed size or of unlimited size, so if you explore a new area, it generates new loot. It would not be so repetitive.

  • randomly generated Worlds.
  • Would put the focus more on survival and exploring again.
  • lesser resets force you to explore the world.
  • No more camping in one spot on the map.

If you are asking yourself if this is even possible at the time, my educated guess would be yes.
I think if you combine mesh generation, that can already generate pretty good looking worlds with mountains and valleys, as well as flat surfaces with a way to generate towns/Structures in a construction kit type of way, this could work out pretty well. If this would be something people would like to see, I could potentially build a rough System like that in Unity, just to show how this could work.


This has been suggested some times before, and the answer is still no, unfortunately. Unturned just isn’t a good game for random generation.


Did Nelson confirm a no ?
Because I think this would fit Unturned very well. Could also be optional for all the People that like their pvp clusterfuck.

Yeah, it could work for some pvp maps, but with the direction UII is going (focusing on survival rather than pvp), random generation would just make maps uninteresting and mostly devoid of theme, story, and detail.


Okay, first of all, this is a really, really cool idea.
The issue is…
Unturned is built on Unity.
Ever lagged when changing day to night/vice versa?
Taking forever to load into literally the main menu?
Either file size or Unity.
Big lag spikes when using /i and/or /v?
Probably Unity??

My point is, Unity isn’t a great engine for large projects like Unturned. Sure, you could make a little project or tiny game or whatever you want but Unturned is just so massive, it just… Doesn’t handle it as well as other big game engines (like unreal engine, for example)

Sadly, this can’t be implemented unless Unturned moves to a different engine (which is harder than you’d think)
If it could, then I’d ping nelson until he added it.

Unturned II uses Unreal Engine, btw.


Unity gets a lot of slack for all these problems, in reality, that’s more of an issue with the developers that use the platform. Unturned’s code is 80% Spaghetti, 10% Tape, 5% Glue, and 5% Bandages. Unity gets a bad name due to how many bad games are made using it, these games are made by bad coders, who write bad and inefficient code, and since most of them are using the Free version, the Unity logo is proudly displayed on startup, proper games, not asset flips, will be using the payed version, and won’t have to show the world that their game is made in Unity. I bet the Day/Night cycles take up 50 more lines of code then they need to, and that’s because Nelson coded these functions when he had zero idea what he was doing, he’s even admitted it himself. Don’t blame the engine, blame the developer. There are of course some cases where you’d want to blame the engine, but most of the time those engines are the kind that are rather limiting, such as Scratch, Flash, Clickteam Fusion, RPGMaker, etc.

Wrong again. Let’s list some games made with Unity.
Ori and the Blind Forest, City Skylines, Superhot, Hollow Knight, Cuphead, and Norman’s Island. There are a lot more, but most of them are smaller titles. If unity was a bad engine, like you claim, then why do competent studios use it? More importantly, why would Indie devs use it? Word would get around fast, and small devs wouldn’t use it if that was the case.

As for the topic at hand. Would work much better as a smaller, side gamemode. Perhaps something like this could be used to make a basic layout for a map, but I doubt it would be useful for much more. Probably not worth while for Nelson to officially implement, a modder could definitely do it though.


I would actually love this. It would add a whole new aspect to the game if this was added.

I reckon basic terrain and road generation wouldn’t be too hard to implement, and with loot areas being generated where there’s appropriate room for them. I don’t think that’d be too unrealistic to implement.

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Undoubtedly, randomly generated maps would be very good, it could be something like Castle Miner Z, that the further away from the spawn the more difficult it becomes.

I know nothing about Unity and was completely rushed, I’m sorry.
Thanks for pointing out my errors for me.


Ya this would be awsome. The thing I want to do the most is explore the new worlds each wipe.

Why be so against something you quite literally know nothing about? Why even have an opinion at that point?

How about a random map generation window that randomly generates a map with some player defined parameters (colour palette, etc, etc) and saves it?
Would this not provide some variation for singleplayer mode ?
If somehow npcs are also randomised, then it would create a somewhat fresh experience every time.

Again, I apologize for that.
I couldn’t have explained it any worse, and It’s my fault that I didn’t take the time to actually get information about it.

Unity is in deed a very competent Game Engine. But like someone pointed out above, Unturned II is on UE anyways. This would certainly be possible and would add to survival as to always give you a new map to explore.

I typically appreciate hand-made maps more than random generation, but I definitly see where you’re coming from.

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