Easier/more streamlined way to add songs to stereo in 4.x?

Maybe a UI popup where you could select songs that are in a folder or something like that.


I would like that

i WOULD suggest youtube or soundcloud links but that would be laggy…

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I thought on something alike, and it could be nice. But also this would mean to servers they’ll have to reinforce their stability, as it could lag, like you said lol.

This post assumes a lot about 4.0.

I’m sure we’ll have a wide myriad of comms devices such as radio towers and stuff.

But if the 3.0 stereo makes a comeback, workshop tracks would be nice.

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BRB, uploading the entirety of Minecraft Awesome Parodies’s songs to the workshop.


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I was referring to a part in his song ‘Welcome To My Mine’

uneducated? pfft.

Starts Playing this song while driving

on a loop…

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I think Nelson should support the Music artists.

I mean, if someone make a great music and send it to Nelson, then Nelson make it as a official stereo(boombox) music.

Survival of the fittest…

Or this song.

I N _ W A R,
N O T _ E V E R Y O N E
I S _ A _ S O L D I E R S

To each their own my friend, to each their own.

it would be nice to not require a Ph.D in quantum mechanics to add a song to an Unturned stereo just to figure out nobody else can hear it. At that point, why not set a youtube video on loop?

Well, you see, in order to affix the sound orbitals into the field of probability within the stereo, one must have thorough knowledge of wave-particle duality


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