Easier to place Objects such as buildable's in the editor

When making a map it would be nice if the ability to place objects such as pine walls or floors in the editor worked

There’s very few use cases where you’d want to place player-built structures/barricades via the level editor. For example, the only vanilla use is on the Russia map, as a barricade on a door at the Scorpion-7 blacksite.

Note that these “objects” are literally the actual structure/barricade pieces available to players. They’re not traditional objects like everything else in the level editor. This means they can be salvaged, and that they can be permanently destroyed. They are saved separately from Object data.

As such: if you’re placing these on your map, you need to reset your gameplay save if you’d like to see them. Anything placed after your latest game save won’t have that buildable data, and thus don’t exist on the map.

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