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Okay guys found something new. At least i don’t think anyone else wrote this. So the thing is MULTI-EDITOR. Like you know if you ever tried to make a map it is a lil’ bit hard. I always wanted this and now there is a chance for it to be Real. I actually want this. Oh and if you know any maps unique pls tell me.

Edit: Someone else wrote this i know now. You don’t need to write.

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So…like making a croissant but with multiple people?

Yeah. An editor version that is like a game and you can invite ur friends.

And yes, a croissant

This has been suggested a lot for both 3.x and 4.x, and I’d support it tbh.


Anyone wants to tell me a map that they like ?

“Let’s put a totem there”
“No, no need to, dude. We should have a washing machine crater instead”
“Shut up i can do whatever i want”
^ it’s what is going to happen between me and my friend, so no /s

Had been suggested a few million times. And yes it’s a good idea.

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Russia. 10 characters

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