EFT like teaming system

Join a lobby with someone, or send an invite to a person in game, and your team gets a colored band on your upper arm. Team kill is on by default in server settings. You can also see them on the map, but as a rough estimate if this is codeable. If you see them, an exact estimate will be shown. If not possible, then stick with how 3.0 shows your teammates on the map.

I’d rather not have an armband system and instead resort to a less OP version of the 3.0 system.

e.g. while you can see each others’ names above their heads, you can’t see these names through objects or terrain anymore


I like the 3.0 teaming system better

Yeah he should do something like that where it uses the same system but not a good as it is now.

What if only teammates can see the arm band? Jus like only you can see the rangefinders light

This would technically put solo players at an even greater disadvantage since they wouldn’t immediately be able to look at a player and know they’re in a team.

Nah it’s not a big deal at all, they can’t even reconize groups in 3.0 but I didn’t see anyone complaining about it

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