Electricity and Water

Lets think for a moment about generators and water system.
We now have in 3.0 a generator some lights a car battery, and about the water we have canteen and watertank.
What if you have to make a wires in your base to activate traps such as sentries spikes and more, or you will have to make a wire to the light system, and connect like 10 lights to 1 switch.
And what about the water ?
Well we could have a destilery, that will be connected to the pump in the rivver with pipes.
The pump and the destilery will have to be connected by electrycity to work.

What do you think ?


Btw: wiring and an expanded electrical system are already planned for 4 in the future atm.

Not too sure about liquid pipes though. Personally, I enjoy my primitive rain-catching.


Pipes and wires are already planned for 4.x, but I agree with you that the 3.x water / electricity is to primitive and some sort of “magic”

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@JTWALLON Cough Cough


Me too.
I love to have some compex situations and have to make more than in other games like resuply the battery or wire something.

I’ve been thinking about what pipes might be used for besides just water recently.

  • They could be used for moving gasoline directly from a tank to a generator.
  • They could be used for steam power
  • They could be used as Bangalore Torpedoes?

Regarding the wiring and the electricity, i’ve already made a post explaining the details of how it would work Limiting the generators
Same with Molton, I believe we’re fine with the rain catchers

Have a look at the automation tab on this page: https://trello.com/b/ezUtMJif/unturned-4x-wishlist

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