Eletric Systems

I believe than i go talk about a thing very usefull on bases to turn on turrets, lights, Manufacture Machines etc…


I go talk about Kilowatts or “KW/Day” in game

to generate energy your go depend of a transformator like:

Generators (Consumables use fuel) (Make sound at 2 fundations of distance)

  • Low Generator - Fuel stock to 12H duration (real life)
  • Generator 3 Days duration
  • Mega Generator 7 Days duration

all this go generete a quanty of KW per day

Generators (Passives)

  • Solar Painel
  • Wind Generator (Large)

How i dont know how rare go it find fuel in unturned 2 i prefer dont place Tax of Eficiency in generators. but in my logic its just solar painel generate less energy than a fuel generator but its plus rare and hard to make or find


Go had 2 types of storage

  • Fixed Battery
    That is a extremaly hard to make impossible move but can save a lot of energy.

  • Mobity Battery

A litle easy to find or make but just its possible use in gadgets maded for the same


Car Batery
flashLight Battery
Sentry Battery


not its Needed, but i create a sketh to difficulty your lifes

Cables go need had Rules to dont give a curt circuit or explosions and that go cause problems in base desing and in many kids.

Cables in walls and floors, when you pick a cable and sight to wall you go see the dividising in a area 5x5 and you go place the cables in that divised area.

  • Curt-Circuit rules

Cables at same generator or battery finding yourselfs go cause Curt-Circuit


  • Damage on Battery.
  • Loses all energy stored.
  • Lose the cable and 2 adjacent cables in place of curt circuit.

Detail Its possible place interruptors in walls turn the same off or on lot that need be more expensive

Buttons, Levers, temporizators and Detectors

Its possible connect your activies by cables for example.

A detector (With energy) its actvated by a human turning on a temporizator, that turn on a circuit to open a automatic gate and 2 sentry behind that gate.

Button - Connect a circuit and disconect faster in miliseconds

Lever - Turn on or off a circuit

Temporizator - Configured in time Seconds Connect a circuit when receive a terciary circuit with energy

Detector / Sensor - Connect a circuit when a char pass in front of him

Turret Sensor - A turret placed detect enemys when detect turn on a circuit

Types of possible machines

Machines types

(Passive Machines"Work Just staying in the place)

  • Lights (Low energy)
  • Sentry Guns (Low Energy)
  • Cameras (Avarange Energy)
  • Eletric Hydropony
  • Search light (High energy) Cause disturb in vision

(Energy Traps)

  • Eletric Fence Avarange Energy (Please nelson Add again)


  • Pulverizer (High Energy when in use) "Its like uncraft your itens but go give more!
  • Refinery (High Energy when in use) “maded to make fuel using wood”
  • Batery Charger (Variable)
  • Eletric Filter (High Energy when in use) “filter water”
  • Oxygen Tank Charger (High Energy when in use)
  • Component Crafttable (High Energy when in use) “in case of craft certains parts like gunpowder”
  • Workbench (Variable of complexity of iten making) “Make final parts like gun body, Bullets”

Doors and other

  • Automatic Gate

Machines than i thinked but…
“-- i believe that is ridiculous”

  • Radar (Extreme energy) show enemyes in turn of your base
  • Siren (Low energy) make a song calling all zombies in a large area
  • Megaphone - A siren with you calling for behind

Other thing to turn easy the things is add a style of construction like in the sims 4 to facility the placement of this things in squares

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  • add generators of various sizes literally like in 3.0
  • add wind/solar power generation
  • add energy storage in the form of batteries
  • add cables
  • add an annoying short circuit mechanic for the sake of annoyance
  • add all the fancy switch variants like buttons and levers and detectors and shit as if it’s Minecraft

My opinion - half of these are poorly explained or are just plain unnecessary. Solar and wind power generation Wiring and switches of various forms to machinery is already confirmed, so rather than providing feedback on that I’ll just leave it at that.

The cables thing can be done far better than how you’re describing it, and I’ve had a similar idea for a very long time. I should probably get around to making a post on it someday.

Are you saying that just because they’re on the 4.X wishlist?

Why have 25 (or more if there’s front and back) possible positions for wires on each wall, when you could just set power sources, input devices, output devices, etc. as the two endpoints for each cable?

Ahh, shoot.

I meant to say switches are already confirmed, as are wiring them together with energy sources and machinery. Was wondering why wind and solar felt so familiar though.

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