Elver feedback

Lots of great stuff, some bad stuff, let’s talk about it

audio from magic is really loud and intrusive

the magic sparkles are green making them hard to see from trees

use of audio in the map is cool, but it’s pretty loud and annoying at times (grandfather clock, sawmill)

great use of texturing on buildings

ladder on side of church doesn’t make you snap to the ladder when you walk into it.

guns look cool, stats on guns being show is cool.

Road texture looks weird without interpolation (maybe if you don’t want the road lines to be fuzzy, make an overlay texture for them)

the tree models are kinda ugly, and it’s obvious that it’s one tree reused thousands of times. The LODs are really touchy and you can see when they pop in and out (maybe use LOD cross fades to fix that)

some crafting recipes are too complicated, and will probably keep players from wanting to craft knick knack items like banners.

cars having fuel reserves is a great touch

vehicle audio clips have a clicking sound when they loop (can be fixed by better cross fading in the audio file, or switching the audio type to streaming)

Mall feels like an overpowered location.

gun sounds are not the best they could be (you can tell that they were pitch shifted because they sound like they’re being played through a fan, and they don’t fade out properly, reverb is used improperly)

the elver screenshots were taken with anti aliasing turned off, which makes individual pixels visible and it kinda bothers me

I’ll post more as I play more


The loud noises makes ambience. The magic is supposed to get your attention. The grandfather clock might be a little too loud for such a small object, I’ll give you that. Finaly, a sawmill is really loud in real life too, so that makes sense.

I understand that the trees might look weird, but they’re made the way they are so you can use less trees and still make the forest look dense. That’s all done for performance.

All crafting recipes are balanced, you just have to find the right spawn locations for the resources. Almost nobody will craft the fun items like banners when they’re just getting started. It’s for when people are getting stacked and when they start their base.

We’ve tested the map for some time, and the mall isn’t that overpowered really. It’s good to get started, but you need to consider that most people are around and want to kill you.

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the loud noise doesn’t make ambience, it kind of becomes more annoying after a few seconds, especially when they’re low quality and you can hear a click every time it loops.

the magic would better get my attention if it wasn’t colored the same as the greenery around the map

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hedges look glitchy because they don’t use normal editing, (some faces being black on the hedge can be remedied this way)

Honestly I’m fine with most of the noise, its just car sounds that I really dislike

But I really like the bell sound when your near the chapel


I absolutely love the verticality of the map, especially in the mall area. For example, once I took out a couple of zombies with a gun while on a balcony, and the shot alerted multiple zombies nearby. On most maps in this situation you essentially have two choices - fight off the horde of zombies that are coming, or escape: either by jumping off the balcony and breaking your legs or by running through the door and trying to slip through the approaching zombies. On Elver however, I was able to climb onto some scaffolding and up onto the roof, then drop through a skylight to continue looting.


real nice map very good

the helicopters are really sensitive and hard to fly and when you land the front part jumps up in the air which kinda sucks

hey does anyone know where the files for elver are?

Elver is a workshop item, meaning you don’t find the files natively in Unturned, rather in its workshop directory. You can find it by searching its workshop ID on your computer. you can find any workshop item’s ID at end of its workshop URL

i looked at the workshop file location (where all the other workshop contents are) but i wasnt able to find it there,ie here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop.

look on your computer and make sure you are subscribed

yeah got it, i had not subbed to it ,i thought it was automatic ,thank you

some crafting recipes are too complicated, and will probably keep players from wanting to craft knick knack items like banners.

Banner ain’t a knick knack item, dude. that’s the claim flag replacement. it’s kinda hard to craft for a reason.


Oh fuck, I had no way of knowing

i mean, fair enough. i think it’s a loading tip, but i wish there was a better way to get that the banner was a replacement item for the claim flag


i mean simply renaming it “claim banner” would probably get the message across


it might be interesting if guns could be dyed, to make up for the lack of skinnable vanilla guns.

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all of these will be made quieter w/ smaller radius in the next update

ladder will be lowered

They were left intentionally pixelated, imo they look better.


banners have been remade to more clearly describe their purpose (Now called Claim Banner)

this was the intention for the mall, a PVP hotspot with a large variety of loot. It’s still better however to go to specialized locations (junction for mili loot, hospital for medic loot, fisherman’s grove for fish stuff, etc)


the raccoon hat is very good

nice job

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