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Hi all.

I’ve seen people talking about “Survival stuffs” for unturned 4.0, but I think I wanted to talk about something… less serious.

That’s right litterfarts. I’m talking about dabbing emotes. So back in 3.0 you have, point, salute, french salute, rest (sitting) faceplam, and wave.

Kinda cute. But, since some people care about dabbing on them raiders emotes (because they’re too poor to buy good microphone.) So I have made a poll for you guys to dance on choose the option that favor you the most.

  • Add 3.0 emotes to 4.0
  • Make an entirely new emotes for 4.0
  • We should added paid emotes
  • Emotes are for gays lol.
  • Others (with comment.)

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Thanks for reading.

(Apparently frog did talk about this before I was born. But I still want to know what’s people’s think about it now rather than back then.)




Welp I tried.


A short list of what I think is tolerable in the unturned world: Nod, Wave, Surrender, Sit, point, taunt, salute, facepalm, “phew” (when you’re in a close call and you live by a bit of health you can taunt or something with this where you take the back of your hand and wipe your forehead) this is all I can think of right now I’ll edit more on if I can think of any right now I’m just tired


Weapons should be affected by inspect animation, so that if you tilt your gun to the right and fire, the round will go in the direction of the barrel.


Pretty sure that’s already made possible. From what i saw in the Devlogs, the bullets go out of the gun itself, not the camera, like in Unturned 3.0. You can see the red cross thingy occasionally in his videos, that indicates where the bullets actually go, based on the gun’s position, so tilting the gun to the right will definitely shoot the bullets to the right. UNLESS, shooting during an emote cancels it, in which case, this wouldn’t really work.


Dab Emote


Bringing back 3.0 emotes along with some brand new ones would be nice. I’ve always thought we’re lacking of emotes in Unturned, and anytime I think of it some of the Old School RuneScape emotes comes to my mind. Anyway, it’s still pretty tricky to know which emotes could do better besides the existing ones.


Some examples

Possible gestures (Dynamic)

  • Confused - Scratch your head for a short while
  • Flex - Flex your arms as if you’re showing your muscles (But you’re fat)
  • Help - Basically Wave but with two arms
  • Showcase - Pretty much inspect item but animation can be seen by other players

Possible gestures (Static)

  • Chase - a mixture of Point and Surrender; both arms point at your cursor and will remain that way until you do something else
  • T-Pose - Like Chase but your arms point sideways (Yes this should be a legitimate gesture)
  • Cover - Block your eyes with your hands (Will obstruct 1st person view)


I honestly think we should have 3.0 emotes in 4.0, but there should be new emotes too. Because currently we’re stuck with a few emotes. If we will have some small animations when changing emotes, then i’m fine with 3.0.


Sadly I can’t add that option now. But I feel ya.


I think the 3.0 emotes cover most things pretty well. We don’t need to turn this into TF2 (you thought I was going to say Fortnite, didn’t you) with the amount of emotes.


Actually I was somewhat expected someone to talks about how paid emotes were going to be like “marketable” TF2 taunts. But the last time someone was even talking about “dancing emote”. Ended up being totally trashed.


I would like to see a mixture of emotes from 3.0 in 4.0 mainly, Wave, Surrender and Point, the rest are kinda pointless. I would say Facepalm, but that’s only because of the glitch you can do with it. Mostly I just want to see new emotes, some joke ones, but some serious gameplay impacting ones.


I love the 1st four gestures. The other set I don’t really see how could be of use.

  • Instead of chase, maybe we can put a clap animation, as affirmative opposite from facepalm.
  • I only see T-Pose for Titanic parody purposes, lol. Maybe a Flap emote (similar to OSRS one), on which your char. shakes its arms to the sides like losing balance for expressing surprise, or maybe leading both to the head as if something messed up.
  • I’d prefer facepalm rather than covering all view with both hands.

Besides I think that some emotes should also change character face expression (maybe configurable), to make them even more amusing and immersive. Also, most emotes should work while holding items or weapons, by moving the free or secondary hand, so here my two cents on normal emotes:

  • Dance: short and subtle but comical, like the one featured in Don’t Starve Together.
  • Shrug: pretty obvious.
  • Fist shake: silent menacing.
  • Denial: waving both hands in front while shaking head as telling to stop something.
  • Yawn: feeling sleepy or bored, maybe.
  • Bow: giving a welcome.
  • Hungry/filled: paw your belly for being hungry or pretty satisfied with your meal.

And now my two cents for leader tactical emotes, which works even while holding items and weapons without aiming down, though changing fire mode or reloading should interrupt animation and firing while these play would cause slightly higher recoil:

  • Go forward: quickly shake hand from up to the front twice, to indicate partners to move forward.
  • Stop: rise hand statically upwards on a side to call a stop.
  • Go/flank right-left: same as first one, but to either right or left side.
  • Get down/cover: quickly shaking hand downwards to tell team to get down.
  • Surround/scatter: similar to stop, but waving the hand forming a circle.

Everything here is merely subjective. If someone could let me know how can I animate Denizen Rig V2, I’d probably animate all examples and make an own post about these. (Hope my suggestions here comply your expectations @Spebby); (@NeedlessMemeing I hate Fortnite and TF2 emotes are unfitting for Unturned, so no).

And if this comment gets :heart:'s enough, I’ll take my pride aside and accept that people whose suggest dab emote aren’t eating too much berries :slight_smile:


yo can we get a dab


You drives me a hard bargain for that.

Besides that. I’m somewhat afraid that too many emotes might caused some problem. As in… it’s harder to finds the emotes you actually need. But overall this is all pretty shabby (Less than dab emote of-course :wink:)


I’d enjoy 3.0 emotes and new 4.0 emotes added, but the line I draw it at is how serious they are. I’d much rather tactical hand signals be added than dabbing and similar emotes. I want a semirealistic zombie apocalypse survival game. I don’t want some Fortnite x Call Of Duty abomination when it comes to emotes.


Emotes interface would keep it’s current design plus a button for the leading tactical commands (should be toggleable).

@Spebby @Loz_lusterclux



I was thinking if either having the 6 emotes with more pages to choose. All of the emotes at once. Or a sliding to choose the emote. I didn’t have an example but I hope you all know what I mean.


images%20(4) what’s wrong with the dab tho. It’s the sign of “lol I pwned these nibba” or it could be advanced coughing. Who knows?