I think it would be cool if there was some sort of endgame for Unturned II, such as being rescued by some sort of Npc faction. like, if there were multiple bases of Npcs on the map, as in different factions or survivor groups, doing quests for one would increase your reputation with them, but decrease it with the others, kinda like what we had on Greece. and then when you have done enough quests, you will receive a big quest for some sort of escape method and you can escape the infection with that faction in a short cut scene.

cant wait to hear your guys’s opinions!


How would this work on multiplayer? You just leave the server? I don’t see how this would be fun for a multiplayer game where not everyone is reaching towards the same objective.


I’ll keep it short and simple.

This is an open-world survival game. A forced endgame doesn’t really fit here, and if there was one, what? Would you just end the game and have to start from scratch? It’s basically the equivalent of killing yourself because there’s literally nothing to do afterwards.

The real “endgame” should be one that is self-defined by player motivation. That’s the core idea of a game that has sandbox elements. Players create their own ideas of an endgame but the game never truly ends.


endgames =/= compatible in long term survival games

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There could be a end game, just like in minecraft. The sotry ends (Npc quest), but the game still totally playable.

It’s a kinda cool idea but it would have to only work on single-player or something, maybe have a story mode?

Minecrafrat is an open world survival game and it got an endgame,

Minecraft does not have a forced endgame.

The game does not force you to stop playing - you can endlessly continue after defeating every single boss.

This suggestion however is towards a forced ending where you cannot continue with your character.

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i’m going to fucking game end any or all topics relating to this

Tricky thing is the servers would get deleted, great for a specific game mode but most people wouldn’t be interested.

this is why i stopped playing subnautica

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