Enemies! (Human ones?) except this is a dead post so don't click it unless you want to hear my unnecessary response to old replies

It makes you feel great, to get that upper advantage on an unsuspecting victim?
That thought got me thinking, there’s been posts about zombies, how they could wander, or how they could swarm bases in hordes, but I havn’t Found a post about Human Npc enemies.
I’m no video game programmer, so I don’t know how difficult it would be to program this, but it might add more to stealth and combat features, such as peeking around a corner or ducking behind cover, whereas in Unturned 3 all that’s required is really pressing Z. It might add more to making factions unique I.e military factions have dah gunz, while others might use more melee?
It’d be kinda like Fallout, and would give stealth a whole new look.

Banbit npcs in a shellnut.

I don’t know if it’s already in a trello tho?

Bandit NPCs are infact in the trello friend


Yeah, but Trello as far as i know isn’t as frequently updated as the GitHub page, so you might wanna take a look there.

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Whoops, I dun use trello

@AnimaticFreak dust it off dude, we got another one

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originality at its finest

Don’t know if this is a necro, but i wasn’t here to respond, but


one response triggered me

I didnt just mean bandits, i meant unique faction enemies that could hang out in areas part of their story/lore, ill admit i only just now found a post about this but i only found it after i made this.

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