Entire Half-Life franchise free until Half-Life: Alyx releases

I’m surprised nobody has posted about this yet.

Every single game in the Half-Life franchise (and Team Fortress Classic because why not) is free until
Half-Life Alyx is released.
For anyone out there who haven’t played the Half-Life games or just don’t have them on steam, this is the perfect time to pick them up.


Left for dead 3


Left 4 Dead 3 was…

left for dead

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They stopped making it in 2017. I think they’re coming back to it.

if they did tfc why not portal series
at least portal is directly connected to black mesa

They probably did tfc because it’s a mod of half-life

but then again, with that logic they should’ve included counterstrike.

forgot about that, thanks
but my point is that portal is literally an extension of half-life’s story

from what I’ve learned about the lore portal 2 takes place after the black mesa incident, and aperture science and black mesa are also related.
the two games have heavy ties. tfc, however, is just a mod.

honestly, they’re all very good games so I’m not complaining, but I personally feel that portal should be included.

I wouldn’t really call them “heavily tied” together. Both have a couple brief references to each other, and most users can hear/see them and completely miss it (which most casual players do, I’d imagine).

TFC is more of a random bonus imo. Maybe because it’s a mod. Maybe because it’s to throw some renewed interest into TF2 again per someone’s idea/request. Maybe it’s just so that there’s a multiplayer game available. Probably had nothing to do with relevance to the Half-Life series.

Portal is too major of a franchise. It’d detract attention from Half-Life, and that’s not good marketing for them. TFC is a really minor thing that people will tie to the HL sale if they realize it was available. Portal games being available would just get people talking about Portal on its own.


Do we own them forever? or stop owning them when half-life Alyx comes out

I actually have no idea

It’s not free forever. it wouldn’t still be available to purchase if it was AND “play for free! ends in 2 months” implies you can play it for free for 2 months, not able to purchase it for free for 2 months.

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definitely makes sense, but I think I recall “play for free for a while” games to show a timer.
maybe steam just doesn’t have functionality for 2 month play for free games



get a refund

I’m playing Half-Life, and for a first time it’s a pain in the ass.

Valve can’t make a third game. They’re incapable of counting to three, I thought everyone knew this by now.


Good timing because I finished Black Mesa during Winter and now going to play HL2 with my friend.
(Let’s hope it still live’s as great as Black Mesa)

This joke is like 15 years old

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Wait, isn’t CS:Source technically Counter-Strike 3?


Either way, there hasn’t been a game ending with “3”

At least from what I know.