Error - items conflict

I try myself in creating mods and can’t create even a minimal test outerwear, going through many errors with unity versions and my carelessness, I ended up getting this error, I keep trying to fix it, but I will not give up the hint.
Thank you in advance

((Item Shirt Asset) Chef_Top [230]: shares an identical blueprint with Рубаха тестера: APPAREL: 230x1 = 66x2
((Item Shirt Asset) Test_Top [0]: shares an identical blueprint with Рубаха повара: APPAREL: 230x1 = 66x2

What are the Commands.dat files for your Chef_Top and Test_Top? The error is telling you that you have two crafting blueprints trying to do the same exact thing. E.g., both of them may have a recipe that turns the Chef_Top into Cloth.

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Thank you, this helped to solve this error, but as I did not try, the item is not displayed in singleplayer


there’s your problem. ID 0 doesn’t work, change it


Thanks for pointing out the error, I will know about it, but at that moment when id [0] is written there
I have 87200 id in my dat file - maybe this value is too high? Is there an example id indicating which error will not occur?

An item’s ID is represented as an unsigned 16 bit integer. The highest value you can use would be 65535. Values less than 2,000 are usable, but these are reserved for official content so I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Thanks for the information and help provided, my error is finally resolved, the topic is closed

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