Event Day's

I think there should be yearly special time period’s in which community made skins and item’s will be taken and kept every year until the special time period come’s, in which they will have access given to player’s. Except inside of international related special time periods (let’s call them events or special events) it will be Unturned stuff.

I.E for Nelson’s birthday there should be skin’s for gold player’s that are literally a coat of pink cake and cherry color’s. Or for a community manager etc.

For normal player’s there will be a candle hat you can get as well as a cake themed suit.
And every year a community event will be hosted for the special day’s in which player’s can contribute their creation’s for the rotation. The top voted item’s will be picked for the year’s event rotation. If there isn’t enough for an event’s rotation, the previous year’s item’s would be used.

The rotation event would happen in January starting January 1st till February 2nd.

This would allow for even more modder’s to get into the spotlight as they feature great creation’s to celebrate certain thing’s in the Unturned community. It would also allow for recurrent user playing, causing more player’s to play and if the item’s get boxes for them, it could cause recurrent user spending due to more event’s occurring every year in which item’s are exclusive to the event.

This could be beneficial for adding more thing’s for the player to customize their character with.

It would help player count’s increase at certain time’s of the year and it’d help SDG Nelson’s profit’s to a little more +'s.

And it would allow more modder’s and major community member’s/staff/influencer’s (youtuber’s, twitch streamer’s) to get into a larger spotlight then what was previously allowed by only international event’s like Christmas and the map/mod spotlights that are often skipped.

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So basically your saying you want steam inventory skins as a event. Nelson says he does not want too do that but the part about modding would actually be cool. Modders can probably sign up present a mod and we the players choose which should win the special prize.

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Also, can you bring up the source where he say’s that it’s not in his interest? I’d like to know.

But I hope I can edit it if it’s not liked to be just about that mod/map/skin contribution event.

I don’t remember the interview he had said it in but if you ask The rest of the community and search for a thread than you could probably find out. Sorry i just have to hurry this up cause of school I might find it and link it later.

Cosmetics haven’t been ruled out I think, but not in the way they are done in 3, you would probably have to craft the cosmetics in game using paints but having cosmetics that are on events would be cool.
I think it would be like the gillie netting or name tags Nelson is going to add.

There are a few glaring assumptions in this thread I’d just like to point out.

UII will not have a gold upgrade like U3 did. The only ingame purchase will be a pass for access to officially-hosted servers. Even so though, I’d like if everyone could be treated equally regarding seasonal cosmetics just to be fair.

Honestly while seasonal cosmetics would be an interesting addition, I’d expect something a lot more subtle, like the return of the birthday party hats. Nelson has stated in the past that an economy/cosmetic/skin system has not been ruled out, but it would take heavy and careful consideration into redesigning all of them to be less blatantly immersion-breaking than U3’s.

I’m not sure what you mean exactly here but I’m interested in some clarification.

Currently I’d say YouTubers/streamers have no issues with visibility/community influence and it’s surely not something I see correlated to holiday updates.

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