Everyone is here! (Forums Edition)


We need assist trophy for all the shitposters on the forum


arrives exceptionally late to the thread and finds virtually no talk about myself




you’re a man of few words, hero


i Think i would work great as an assit trophy with my garbage posts


rainy boi over here.




What about a fanfic of everyone in this forum? :thinking:




hey whats up animatic


You cannot stop art.


My post is better


you didnt even use the correct paint splatter and failed to crop the pngs to the image and splatters, fool I am leagues above you as I am a meme god. That being said I did bounce on my boys honey badger to your post until I noticed the lack of yours truly in the post despite the fact I stopped visting this forum when school ended. This offends me greatly and all I have to say in response is dont drink the tap water the government is putting chemicals in there to keep tabs on the population to see if people are paying their taxes.


You didn’t even put the character tiers or even any witty intros to said characters. This is an art and you have failed the course. You must go back to your fish’s school so you can learn how to be good. Your reply offends me even more than my post to you. And of course no one drinks tap water, the government is putting chlorine in that which we all know is a tracer which is used to see if we are paying our taxes.


Ah yes I see, if its a fight you want its a fight you are going to get mister kuwait. I did add the witty intros you just failed to notice them, the actual character posts dont have the tiers that was added by you therefore I dont need to do the same. but that’s not what is important right now! How did you know I dropped out of art school?? listen man I had my reasons miss sexless was being a bitch the whole fucking semester and I couldn’t handle it for much longer, So after I lured all those kids into the supply closet and killed them I framed her for the murder and she got arrested for premeditated murder and 2nd degree arson as after I was done I burned the building down. That’s also besides he point I have a bad habit of getting off topic, fuck you vote for cruz


Damn man I didn’t know miss sexless taught you too. let’s just put our differences behind us


alright that sounds good


you’re still a cunt tho


0/10, inaccurate rating for me


Agree, rateing is a slight over-exaggeration.

He should do justice and correct it.