Exclusive item/beret ideas for Unturned II

Here are some item ideas for special players in Unturned:
Loyalty Beret: Owned Unturned 3.0 Gold Upgrade during beta, and played Unturned II

Professional Beret: Obtained the Unturned 3.0 Experienced Beret, and reached experienced in Unturned II

Curator Shirt: Have a map made by you curated at some point in Unturned II

Winner Shirt: Completed all achievements

Psychopath Gloves: Comes with the Psychopath achievement. (Kill 100+ Players)

Judge Wig (Hat): Kill 10 Villain Players while having a positive reputation

Riot Mask: Kill 1000 Zombies

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Flex Beret: have the car demo


The game doesn’t need that many special cosmetics, and they only should be earned through specific requirements. Adding ‘‘exclusive’’ things for the sake of it isn’t good.

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Im pretty sure there wont be cosmetics in survival (and there should not be), it would probobly be for other modes like arena and hord mode.
But yes i guess it would be cool with special earned cosmetics, maby a “Beta tester” Beret

Obviously no exclusive items are necessary, but I personally find these exceptionally unneeded.

  • The total amount of achievements can easily change over time. Having a “Winner Shirt” wouldn’t mean anything, because someone could have gotten it when there were only eight achievements while someone else got it when there were eighteen. There’s no effort tied to it directly, it “just kinda happens” at some point.

  • The “Riot Mask” I disagree with on account of what I assume it would look like.

  • The “Psychopath Gloves” and “Judge Wig” seem silly and a bit out-of-place anyways with two PvP-oriented rewards. :man_shrugging:

Personally, I’ve always supported just ripping off TF2’s Community Sparkle effect and giving curated content creators (skins, cosmetics, etc.) that on their curated item.

that could go wrong in so many ways

and i agree, especially the judge wig, doesn’t really make sense in this type of game. pvp rewards wont really mean much over time.

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