Execution Wars 2.0 (WO'S Edition)))

I managed to start a new topic on this theme, because the last discussion was littered with useless comments that no one wants to read. What if we will just change it a little bit.

First of all I cant understand why all of you guys screaming on ONESHOT that its not FUN, not FAIR and all this stuff. For me - its nothing, cuz we already have “zombie guys” that wear zombie outfit, fit their gun in inventory and stay still waiting for you to get another stupid green buddy in melee. But they outsmart ya (hi Heavy). Okay then, you can say that you still have chance to grab your gun faster, but let’s be realistic - you will not be fast enough. Let’s consider another subject - “shotgun-redneck”, hmmm and of course, it’s definitely not a oneshot, is definitely so? Last time I played 3.0 I’ve got 3 deaths for 10 hours of gameplay. And you have nothing to do with that, they just wait for you in hiden places and jumpscare you with a bunch of demonic shrapnel in your face. —ASSPAIN OCCURED— So, we already have some sneaky-breaky-like mechanics, one - give you a heart attack and another one definitely give one shot, heart attack and fulfill you with prostration, depression and void.
Please show me some difference between shotgun and knife in head, it the same, in my opinion of course
\almost forgot. In 3.0 if you hit someone in melee he just turns in your side and kill you, and he heals himself after\

Now its time for the changes.
First idea - you cant oneshot someone if he have a helmet or you can, but you need to hit the right spot - neck, or sometheing else. So from this point guys with top gear cant be executed, but they still can be damaged a lot Second idea - we can add a quick-time event, if someone get behind you and going to attack, there are still some chance - 0.5 seconds to press some button (F for example). You will rapidly back to his face and this attack willn’t have backstab buff, or you just block the attack, or jumped from him at some distance. I prefer the last variant cause you both still have chances

Sooo, what do you think? Maybe we should give a chance to this mechanick ?

Do you like this concept
  • Yes, lets give it a chance
  • Nope, ashes to ashes…

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i can see your good intention of starting a clean topic but I don’t think there’s more to be said about both of those that are commonly brought up and put into the trash bin for some time


Zombie outfits can’t be compared to an intentionally made 1-shot mechanic, they’re simply a gimmick made possible by the Gold Upgrade.

I really don’t understand your point. Shotguns are meant to be powerful weapons. They’re required to be powerful, because of their extremely short range. A shotgun that requires 3 shots to kill close-range is simply a bad shotgun. That being said, people that hold angles with shotguns are not the same as a 1-shot mechanic. They’re just people that camp. If they get the jump on you with a different weapon that’s not a shotgun, the outcome will be the same 8/10 times.

It simply doesn’t fit. 0.5 seconds is an unreasonably short time, but it’s not about that.
A quick-time event is an annoying mechanic that takes away control of the player by forcing the player to press buttons in a timed event. People hate QTEs in story-driven games for that reason. Imagine putting this mechanic in a multiplayer game where skill is involved.


I personally believe that executions or oneshots are bad ideas. I prefer a 50% damage increase or even 2x damage to the back of the head than a hit-kill.
This is basically the increase in damage that I talked about above, well-armored players can be heavily damaged, but they don’t die from instant kill, just like players with less armor.
As for a QTE, I think it’s not very cool in an online game, you know?
A player playing 200ms of ping (believe me, where I live is a ping considered average), this player will have 0.2 seconds less to react to a 0.5 second thing, which puts him at a complete disadvantage.


Please understand that this is more or less a survival game and is inhabited by mostly average joes fighting for their lives, not highly trained spec ops guy, stabbing someone to death through the head is not very realistic as it requires a lot of training to get that close to someone, a shotgun will kill any and all individuals exposed to its projectiles provided the shot is of an adequate size(00 buck etc), and this can be done with less training compared to melee kills like that. We dont mind sneak attack bonuses for attacks, if you manage to get a sneak melee attack and kill a guy that way sure we accept it, but what we dont like is a mechanic that all ways deals one hit kill damage always, next

Unturned game characters have no necks making it difficult to stab people in the neck, a special attack with an animations is too restrictive and makes killing peope very easy all you have to do is crawl up to someone and press the execute key killing them. this prevents the target from reacting to your presence or your attack as they are basically stuck in an animation.

Next quick time events are just annoying in a multiplayer game.


I think Quicktime event are not an option on Unturned 2. And as @The_Futurist , stabbing on head makes no sense at all so… My idea is that, an sniper, shotgun or rifle can kill u 1 hit on the head if u have NO PROTECTION, but if u have even a Hat, u could live 3 hp bleeding. But shotgun to the body shoud kill only if u land all the hits. It should be a balance and rules about what instakills or not

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and here we have the monthly quicktime event thread

Why is this suggested all the time, nobody seems to have interesting or unique suggestions anymore.

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I feel like this topic has turned into a meme of sorts at this point. Personally I don´t think there is much more left to say to this.

Executions in general should stay in games like COD. In survival games like Unturned II it just doesn´t make sense to sneak up on someone from behind and trigger an execution. As for the one hit kill feature, form what I´ve seen, if it was implemented in any way it would probably receive a lot of negative backlash, as its just not fun to suddenly die all the time. (Of course this doesn´t apply to sniper rifles/shotguns)

All in all, executions are not a good fit for this game, and one hit mechanic just isn´t fun in my opinion.


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