Expectations for devlog 24

Okay, it’s been a month since the last devlog, in addition almost all the tasks for devlog 24 are ready as can be seen on trello.

Meaning that devlog 24 should quit soon :smiley:

Speak what you intend to see in devlog 24 in addition to the things shown.


I plan to see the new models of clothing, holster and the molle backpack, the possible addition of the revolver or the Cobra Pistol to show the functionality of the holsters…


Nelson confirmed it on the official unturned discord server that there will be something big this month (July) and possibly an open beta for people with X amount of hours.


@Owl A good way to include people who do not yet have the beta.

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Nelson is gonna roll out of pineridge on his heelies and he’s gonna launch some fireworks, and the firework explosions will form into letters that say “Pineridge is releasing tommorow”


Nelson retires at the ripe age of 21 and SDG is acquired by an Australian pirate captain through entirely legitimate and in no way suspicious means

In other news, the entire OST of Unturned II has just been confirmed to be entirely made of sea shanties


I expect horde mode to be playable :rage:

But I’d like to see how the expanded beta access will play out if that really happened. Maybe we’ll gather more people willing to give suggestions or feedback in this forum?


I expect that there will be a devlog on friday this or next week. Other than that the only thing I’m expecting is a release of some modding tools, but that’s about it.


The pirate man said there will be a devlog “Soon™ on Friday” :griefer:

ah yes, thank you. Certainly not stolen from some uncredited blonde boy :upside_down_face:

I have a question, what does cqc map mean?

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Close quarter combat


Naked Snake would be ashamed.

I want to see the clothes system back. It was really cool.

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